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eviction, police, foreclosure

was evicted 14 days ago, have EVERYTHING in my place, don't know how to get IN!? Including all my personal documents, EVERYTHING. 3 County police broke in, gave me 5 minutes, told them they don' t have jurisdiction over me, they called 2 city Sergeants, took me in handcuffs "to the jail", but I did not signed anything and they let me go with "trespassing" ... I requested copies aff all he was filing about me, DID NOT SIGNED ANYTHING and in 3 days send them the ticket back, with "No consent, no-contract NOTICE" and lawful notice with explanations that I am non juristic legal "person" natural woman to choose to contract or not... Also send to all policemen Employee Questionnaires - they refused to tell me any of their ID's, said they have no bonds...... Any advise how to get to my property and "challenge the foreclosure", because I do not have any "legal" judgment or anything ...



my understanding is that I do not have to go to the court (fot the trespassing ticket) because it is a "offer to contract" which I refused to signed anything - I have copies from the police station - I wrote only : no-contract, no-cionsent, UCC-1-308 ... and the ticket I got send them back in 3 days signed in red and notarized the same: Lawful notice of no-contract, no-consent.  The court date is 01/09.17 - and I want to send them the Uniform Bonding code I found here today. I also requested the city sergeants to fill the Federal employees Questionnaire to prove they have written contract of any sort with me - by email to chief police w/copy to attorney general and also by mail. Any advise?

Is my case (#1 above from 12

Is my case (#1 above from 12/18/16) already in members forum?

Please advise. Dagmar

The Untited States Of America National Passport

I was born outside this country and immigrated here 5 years ago. Is there a chance for me to apply for and receive The United States Of America National Passport in this case ?
Thank you

Andrei Bindasov

Did you apply?

Did you apply?


Small claims court


I'm suing a mechanic because his service writer fraudulently approved an estimate for work done on my vehicle, and my vehicle isn't fixed. I heard there's something I can file so that the business cannot use an attorney? Please help.

How do I remove "filed" IRS tax liens

I have two IRS tax liens that are filed with the country clerk, against my personal property. I have two properties that I wish to sell, but I don't want anything going to the IRS, as I owe no taxes or frivolous return civil penalties, which they claim I owe but have no evidence to support their claims. I need assistance in removing these unlawfully filed liens so I am free to sell my properties and retain whatever profits that are rightfully mine.

Darrell James Aaron Darrell James Aaron's picture
Births Certificate Frauds and how to Fix them Perminately

I would like to get a Passport through you guys, and get my Births Certificate Terminated ?

Darrell James Aaron

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