Ronnie Lee Davis v. State of Florida

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Ronnie Lee Davis v. State of Florida

On November 22, 2016 at or around 12:00 P. M. an illegal traffic stop was conducted at 23434 SR-54, Lutz, Florida by Pasco County Sheriff's Office. They were responding to an information call about a "fugitive." Upon conducting the stop the officers pulled thier firearms and pointed them at both vehicles. They made all the occupants of only one vehicle exit the vehicle. After they had assertained that Mr. Davis was not in that vehicle. The conductor of that vehicle asked why they had been detained illegally and was told that they were exucating a warrant for the arrest of Ronnie Davis. At that time Mr. Davis announced himself and was placed under arest. He was in the second vehicle that was not searched at gun-point. There was not physical warrant, no physical affidavit presented when the arrest was conducted and still has not been presented.

Mr Davis is being illegally detained and held against his will by the Polk County Sheriff's Office on the charges of



Anonymouswatchman Anonymouswatchman's picture
First off you better do your research!!!

Let me set the record strait. Ronnie Davis is a dangerous person. He is a psychopath and a very abusive person. Much more will come to light about Ronnie Davis and his fraud"bears Law".....I live in Florida and I have been dealing with this moron for months...The best place he can be is in jail...You just wait and see the crimes this man has committed. Yes there are "injured Parties"....If you really want to have his back go ahead...but you may want to do much more research before you do. 

gregaj7 gregaj7's picture
Ronnie Davis

Having read all three comments, and having had two conversations with him plus him as a guest on a conf call I host, I find no fault with him nor anything stipulated in "Anonymouswatchman"'s comment.  What I do find is Ronnie's efforts of rescuing children from CPS interrupts the commerce of that org/corporation, thus making them angry and proceeding with these efforts to physically shut him down.  Nothing about their actions against him has any stand of lawfullness or legitimacy, and they know it.

Ronnie Davis is not a

Ronnie Davis is not a dangerous person, or a psychopath, or abusive.  Get your facts straight Rick.. You shouldn't listen to old bitter drunks that have nothing better to do than bear false witness..My prayers are with you and Emily.  

mama bear

If you are going to make a comment like that please provide evidence for everyone.  We can all say anything but facts are what is needed.  Please be transparent and post your evidence.

Just to clarify ...

.... Is this the Ronnie Lee Davis who is being discussed??

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Oooo. No, Sir.

That one is kind of scary. No sir. He is not.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Habeas Corpus filed?

Ronnie should be out by now if someone filed a habeas Corpus.....something very strange that his team is asking for attorney...

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Do not use that writ of habeas corpus

I would not use that writ of habeas corpus. It uses the term pro se. We do not appear pro se. That is one of the terms they use to sucker people into consent of their inferior courts. Hiring an attorney is another way they do that.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Habeas Corpus is 3 parts

Definately never use above posted habeas!!  Very poorly written!! 

Someone else filed a habeas corpus for Ronnie, also poorly done and the author  is kidnapped now also....

No one close to Ronnie has contacted you M.R. Hamilton??

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Not a word from anybody

Nobody close to Davis has offered anything I would need to move forward. I will not be able to do anything without at least the charging docs. I also asked for affidavit from any witnesses.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

I can give you any

I can give you any information you may need to help Ronnie Davis.

Ronnie Davis is the victim

People really should get their facts straight before believing hearsay and arresting an innocent man,  He is being falsely accused and anyone that doesn't like the Ronnie Davis is jumping on board and trying to slander his name and bear false witness.  He is not a psychopath or an abusive person. Seems like a little research needs to be made on the accuser(s).   Anonymous Watchman (RICK G) shouldn't hold a grudge against Ronnie Davis just because he didn't get him out of jail.

This statement was written by

This statement was written by David Brigham

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
I listed what I need

Well, I listed what I need above. I would need copies of the charging documents and affidavits from witnesses. Do not post them here. This is not in the member forum and all cases are to be handled in the member forum away from view of the public and attorneys. Attorneys are not permitted in the member forum and agree when registering on this site to pay $5,000 per day from the day they obtain access to the member forum to through the day I learn they are attorneys.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

So what happened

So what happened to Ronnie? I happened to be watching a few sovcit videos today on YouTube and he caught my interest. So I googled him and saw he got into some trouble in 2016, and once that jail sentence was done I saw that he was also being charged with practicing law without a license. So, is he still in jail, how much time did he get for that, what are his plans once he gets out? Just curious. I do know that you can represent yourself in court but also know it is illegal to represent others in court without a license. Very stupid law actually, if you are knowledgeable about law, it shouldn't matter if you attended school or not, got a degree or not. As long as you know court room etiquette and the law, and can pass the bar exam, then yeah, you should be able to practice law without a license. But like other professions out their requiring a license, the panel has the final say so over if you can have a license or not. It's like an exclusive club.

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