Trying to get unslaved

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Trying to get unslaved

Hello, I just joined here. Hope I'm posting in the correct thread location as this is my first here.

There isn't many places addressing the subject of releasing oneself from American slavery.  It's a complicated subject as well and very time consuming by way of in-depth reading to be able to first understand it all even before attempting to undergo the formal release from enslavement.  I had to retire early due to medical disability and stuck in a complicated trap since my only form of income is ss disability and the budget is very tight indeed. It's going to take a long time to get anywhere with this is at all, but have to try. Have accumulated stuff here and there I thought valuable and will post as I get more organized.  Here is one write up that is a nice step-by-step.  Right now, I'm just in the referencing stage, trying to gain knowledge.  Seems almost like you need a degree in this to be able to understand the deceitful mess bestowed upon the American people and it's very saddening to know the truth of what's been done.  

Here's the article. Hope it helps:



Start an Assembly

the only way to put a stop to the crimes and treason being perpetrated upon the people is for the People to unite. If you would like to start a common law group for your community, please start here: - explains what an assembly is. If you recall your American history, the War of Independence started with people like yourself gathering to form Assemblies of Townspeople. They would gather outside the courts and government buildings, and stop anyone going in or out. They would also send in deputations of men elected as Sheriffs by the town to arrest those who had been causing harm to the community. You can read about it here: - This explains the basis of Common Law Assemblies. - This explains why you should start an assembly. - this is how to start one. As soon as you fill in the form on the page you will receive an email with a TO DO list to follow. It explains step by step how to start an assembly. - Read the Assembly Constitution so that you know what the purpose and function of an Assembly is.

Free Printable Bill of Rights ( Pocket sized)
Anna Von Reitz

I have been reading her material for 3 years now.  I am of the opinion and this is only my opinion she has a loose screw.  She spends the majority of her time talking about the pope this and the pope that.  Nevertheless I will say she has a couple of decent response letters to the IRS.  I question whether or not she actually wrote them but they could be useful in terms of research.  Again this is only my opinion.  I think there is better material at this website, familyguardian and SEDM.  In terms of this website what Micheal presents is very accurate  and reliable.  If your just getting started you have a long way to go.  I suggest you post questions??????


Ann the nutty Judge

Yeah she has no fight or defense. She is right on a few things like the UCC but no judge cares about that. Our rights are like toilet paper to cops and judges. 



Public Servant Questionnaire critique



This website is awesome , offers best rights toolkit to take on bad dudes in government. One thing wrong though is police won't care about this questionnaire. They'll arrest you and throw you in jail. The best arguments must be saved for the courts.


In small town southern towns in the south judges and cops are often easy to work with and often no arrests made unless you cause violence or do big time stealing etc.

Affidavit of Truth.
Criminal Reform in IL, legit?


This guy a product of the BAR, gives his opinion on the new reform in this state. Not sure if it is all Marxisim or change for the good. Though from reading some of it seems good so far. But the lawyers and judges seem to still have control of things, not the people.

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