More case laws, advice on jurisdiction argguments

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More case laws, advice on jurisdiction argguments


www.accountability for


Www.national liberty






Good research on what Pro Se really requires to win

Let me know what you think about this website Mr. Hamilton ....

another comment

The same idiots -BAR-attorneys people hire to defend themselves, the city or municipal court pays to hire these BAR attorneys to defend them-while they break many unconstitutional laws and Biblical laws as well.


Such as leaders are not to take Oaths (biblical)

among many other biblical /natural laws.

Enforcing your rights victory in a case against drivers license revoking state



I am not a person that does drugs or has run ins with the law much but this case below might impact how states and local municipalities use abusive fines. Lets hope there is good impact with the case...

 Towns' Fines Run Rampant: Stop Treating Residents Like ATMs




Book: The Constitution That Never Was written by a former cop that exposes how the courts are run by lawyers and how the Bill of Rights is the only legal document not the Constitution that gives no authority to appeals courts or any authority of the ficticuous office of Attorney General.. A good read if you can find it.

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