KC Massey versus the United States, Inc.

As many of you may know, KC Massey made the news when he was arrested on the Texas border with Mexico protecting the border from the intrusion of criminal immigrants. While he was there with a team of loyal Americans doing this job all day everyday rather than being with his family and working his business, he was harassed by federal border patrol agents and arrested under a very feeble stretch by the feds who claimed that he was a "felon" with a gun and since the gun had been manufactured outside of Texas, the Untied States, Inc. had jurisdiction in the matter and arrested KC Massey.

KC had decided to challenge the jurisdiction of the federal government in a court of record, which proceeds according to the common law. I wrote most of the paperwork challenging said jurisdiction and just needed some contact information to include witness affidavits to support his claim for damages. Enough time has elapsed that the case could have been settled, but for reasons that only KC knows, he has yet to proceed in his case as himself in a court of record.

There has been a number of members here who have contacted me who do not think that KC has what it takes to proceed as a sovereign in his own court. They think that KC would have done so by now had he had the courage to do so. After all, enough time has elapsed to have settled the case. They tell me that he will stick with an attorney consenting to the equity court's jurisdiction and ultimately the federal government's jurisdiction, even though he does so solely at his discretion.

It takes a great deal of courage to enter the court as a sovereign plaintiff after decades of conditioning.  We are all conditioned since birth to believe that we are subject US citizens without ever being told what the legal definition of a citizen is. We are taught through the government run schools,  our parents and TV shows and movies that the judge always decides our fate and only others judges in higher courts may overturn that decision.

We are never taught that a court of record is the highest court in these united states. We are taught that the Supreme Court is the highest even though the Supreme Court ruled that a decision delivered in a court of record is just as binding on it as in any other court and it does not have the authority to review a decision in a court of record.

I have held that if anyone has the courage to proceed in his own court as a sovereign freeman, it is KC Massey. He stood on the border facing off against armed people who want Americans dead either by the use of their drugs or other means. He stood up to federal border patrol agents and got right back on the border patrolling his territory to keep it safe. If that is not someone who has the courage to stand up against the federal government in a court of record, then I don't know who would.

Courage is not the lack of fear. It is action in spite of fear. If KC won't do it, then who will. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.

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It will take unity and team work to get rid of corruption

It appears that regardless of how well your papers are written and how much case law rulings you use to support  the law, the corrupt courts are not willing to give up the enslave methods  of these  black robed criminals. I see that it will  happen through massive numbers of people coming together like Standing Rock, here we will  gather to reconstruct the Grand Jury without  de facto  governmental intrusion of a BAR prosecuting attorney protecting corrupt governments.


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That is absolutely how it will be done

I could not agree more. Noting that not all judges are corrupt, there are a significant number that are. However, I would also not that some of the grand juries that have organized don't actually do anything but get together for coffee and cookies. The continental marshals and judges depend on a grand jury that actually orders the arrest of the corrupt public servants.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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