A strategy for pleading

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A strategy for pleading

Okay, I initiated in action in the District Court here in California. I submitted a

MANDATORY NOTICE OF CLAIMANT'S RIGHT TO COURT WITHOUT "FEES". but hey poppers filing what Was required in order to get the fees waved. Now, the magistrate is attempting to deny and dismiss my case. I need assistance please respond.

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I'm sure you know 2

I'm sure you know 2 requirements for a Court Record ini Black's Law 4, but not in 5(or is it 5 but not in 6) are common law is used, and codes and statutes are NOT, and, the magistrate does NOT get to make decisions. She seems to have "forgotten" those two, babbling about USC section 1915. I notice that she signed without a middle initial, though the signature name has "A." Robb Ryder has a series of videos showing that, insignificant as it may seem, being on the Bar roll with one name and signing with another is a no-no(such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHjZaMbmrJA). Last but not least, she violated

violated Code § 1691 - Seal  and teste of process:

All writs and process issuing from a court of the United  States shall be under the seal of the court and signed by the clerk thereof.  I'm going through the same thing with a federal judge, I told her about 1691, and she promptly did it again in ruling against me(which really is weird, how hard is it to grab a seal that's probably arm's length away)? Anyway, I've done a Writ of Error and a Coram Non Judice, will now have to a Writ of Mandamus and I'm complaining to both the 9th Circuit and the AG about her BS. I'm not expecting great results either place, but all we can do is point out the law to as many places as possible. Actually, I think I'll contact the UN about International Crimes, as well. Good luck!

Any feed back?

I plan to submit this writ. Any comments would be appreciated.

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best strategy

Avoid the courts.

Statute of limitation

I have an issue and I am in need of a resolution. I have motion to dismiss based on a statute of limitation that according to the statutes that I am one month over the time limit. What is a Remedy for this issue?



MOTION OUT OF TIME i believe is what you are looking for, tell the court why you need and why you are entitled to more time to do your thing.

One of the People of the united states of America.


http://1215.org/lawnotes/lawnotes/example/index.html Here is a great template for you to go by to get the judge in contempt. 


Pointers Needed

Greetings people,

Will I have been busy prosecuting my case in a court of record according to the common-law. However, I am in need of the enforcement of the final judgment that the court has issued. I'm looking for some assistance in the writ execution, garnishment, compelling the defendants to come forward with their information regarding the garnishment. 


Please advise.


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