Who We Are

Who are we?...We are patriots.

A Free Country is a group of everyday people who love our country. We are patriots who will no longer sit by and watch as politicians erode our freedoms. Some of us have served our country in the Armed Forces and were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom.

Now the most dangerous enemy of all is the domestic enemy that has invaded cloaked in American clothes, tempting Americans with government handouts that always result in the loss of freedom. Many of our freedoms are eroded from the fraud perpetrated by a corporate "government" that has lead "We the people" to believe it is the government of these united states of America when, in fact, it is just another corporation with no legal force of authority within the states excepting those granted it in the Constitution for these united states..

We aim to expose the politicians who tread on our rights and teach ways to overcome this new enemy that we face. You can help! The most effective way that you can participate is to volunteer to join a grand jury. The grand jury has more authority than judges and prosecutors who decide what cases they will see and commonly make sure the government corruption cases never see the light of day.

If you need advice on how to handle the IRS or creditors or any other government agency, join us and get the help you need from other free human beings sharing their knowledge. There are forums where you can discuss items of interest and how they might affect you for regular users and member forums where you can go to get the help you need in handling personal issues.

Defend Freedomâ„¢