Dividing Issues

Most policiticans who run for high public office get elected by dividing people. They come up with issues that, even though small, they inflate through policitian speak. This is done just to give the voting public the view that the politician is who we should elect to save us from ourselves. The politicians do not want to admit that we can govern ourselves with a tiny government, because they would be nobodies if they did.

Even the so called tea party favorites, do not expose the fact that so much of federal law has no legal force of authority within the several states. What would be their motivation to come out and tell the American people,

"We don't really have that much power. Most of the laws we passed only apply to federal territories like Washingtion DC, Puerto Rice and Guam."

Of course they would. They would get a lot less publicity and wouldn't be able get paid $25,000 for making a 20 minute speech after retirement. Under this menu, you will find many of the subjects that divide Amercians. What Americans should be aware of though, is the debates between the parties, is just a facade to take our attention off of what is really happening.