How to Attach Files to a New Topic or Comment

The process for attaching files to a new topic or comment is the same. When users are creating a new topic, they are able to attach up to five file attachments to the post so long as the combined files sizes do not exceed 10 Mbs of data. Below are the steps for attaching files to a New Topic. To assure that your files do not exceed 10 Mbs, right click on the file on your computer and select properties from the popup menu.

[Member Announcment] Important when paying member dues

M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from

Good afternoon Patriots,
Due to a fluke in the software used for commerce on, when dues are paid, registered users are not automatigically promoted to "Members" as they are supposed to be. As such, it is extremely important that when you pay your dues you let me know what your user name on is. Since I only get access to your real name and email address, I do not have a way to find you without your username.

Response to Police Mags' "Sovereign Citizens: A Clear and Present Danger"

After reading an article that was published in the September 21st, 2012 issue of Police Patrol Magazine I thought I would show just how ignorant the author really is. He lack not only knowledge of law, but has obviously lack comprehension of the legal definitions of many of the words used in his article. Let see just what a moron this guy really is. Everything in this article is supported by case las or definitions.

How Private Business Makes Money from Owning Prisons

There are many ways the wealthy people make money off of taxpayers. They do it through the banks. They do it through the drug companies. They sucker people into paying income tax, even though they are not required to pay it. They also contract with the states to fill their privately owned prisons.

[Member Announcment] Update to Terms of Service

M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from

Hello fellow patriots,
The Terms of Service ("ToS") at have been updated. It is critical for anyone who is a member of a BAR association or is a practicing attorney and a member of to read the ToS as continuing to use hereinafter means you agree to the terms in its entirety. The relevant added paragraph is below.

What Every Court Clerk Should Know to Protect Herself

This article is dedicated to all of you court clerks all across these united states who so diligently keep track of court documents for perpetuity. You court clerks seem to be the scapegoats of the American jurisprudence industry in these united states. You may think that the judges who direct you cares about whether or not you get into any kind of legal issues when it comes to making decisions about the format or quality of a document when someone comes to you to file it. This article delves into exactly what a court clerk is permitted to do and what you are not permitted to do.


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