united states of America and World Economics

united states of America and World Economics

Most people have a modicum of knowledge about economics. They know when they have steady employment, they can typically afford to pay their bills. They know if they spend too much on credit, they may not be able to pay the bills. They also know that the cost of living increases. But what makes the cost of living actually increase.

For an understanding of this, we must first have an understanding of money and what constitutes money. Most of us know that money is some kind of medium that we use to exchange for something else of value. In the united States of America, we used to have real money, but US currency is fiat money. Fiat money is money that a government has declared legal tender even though it has no intrinsic value. This in and of itself would not be such a bad thing if the fiat money that we used was not indebted to a private bank.

This private bank controls inflation, which is a man-made market effect, by releasing more currency into the market place or constricting the amount of currency in circulation. When there is less money available, prices rise. When there is more money available, prices fall. This only affects the price as measured according to the fiat currency in use. It does not affect prices as measured by money with an intrinsic value like gold or silver.

Minimum wages also cause increases in the costs of goods and services. If one's labor cannot be based strictly on the value of said labor, then the cost to use that labor increases not only to the minimum dollar amount assigned to the lowest level value per labor hour, but also the other costs associated with not being able to hire more laborers and the cost of those who have to supervise those low valued laborers.

The permission of criminal immigrants to remain in country also effects the costs to tax payers to cover unemployment expenses to legal American residents for lost jobs.

Many things can have an effect on the economy, but the biggest factors affecting the economy are corporate intrusions through government regulation. If you think about it, who do you think the elected official is most likely to listen. You with your tiny annual salary or the corporation with its multi billion dollar income? Whose pocket would you rather be in? The only way to overcome this imbalance is to participate in the Four Year Plan. When people wise up and start using the authority they have thorugh the common law grand jury to remove governemnt officials from office, politicans will start to fear the people again and start doing as we the people want rather than them the corporations want.

It is also a good idea to not permit the same elected official to remain in office for more than a couple of terms. If they won't set term limits for themselves, "we the people" can do so by voting in someone new with new ideas.

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