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Looks like not much contributed here since 2020. Here's some things that i would like to share about resisting the coming NWO money fiat system CBDC.

There's tons of information on pro America news here

ProTrumpnews dotcom

Resist the CBDC




Abortion is a null and avoid , not a Law, BAR Attorney wrong


This BAR attorney states abortionists have rights to travel but then denies the Law in the Constitution and relies on supreme court doctrine. 


Obviously the BAR is wrong again here. Abortion is not even protected by the Constitution unless it has to do with the First Amendment. I'm no expert of Law. But do have some researched skills that proved here show that from my comments here that abortion isn't a right or even valid Law. This is Bull and Void 


I asked that question before.  Where is everyone?  I check this site on occasions but lately it has been filled with nonsense.  Why share anything if there is no response or interest?  I tried!!!!!


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Will be back when not working so much

Yeah, I get it. I have been pretty busy just making a living. It do not make anything from this site, so my priority is putting food on my table. Once I am no longer working the 12 to 15 hours 7 days a week, I will likely be putting more into the site. But is is here for anyone to contribute to yourself. Create your own blog and share the link outside of this site. All you have to do is when you click on the left navigation menu item "Add content", choose blog post.

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