911 was a inside job

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911 was a inside job

Been listening to the David Knight Show.  with most of what he has to say. At least he talks about things Republicans won't talk about.





Web Tools to Learn Rights

A link to Change your Status. Haven't used it. Use at your own risk.

https //changeyourstatus us

Affidavit of Truth, etc.

www americansinaction info


www thelibertybeacon com




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You don't need all that stuff

I sent an affidavit to the DMV in the state I was in at the time and that set the record straight. I have it somewhere on this site. I think it is in the members' forum. I have not been getting on site much for quite some time, because life has been quite the struggle for several years. But things have been improving a lot, so I will be coming around more oiften. Another thing I did was when I got a reminder from the IRS that I had forgotten to pay income tax, there is a section on the form that say, "If you feel you are not obligated to pay this tax, check here and check the reason why." I checked there and checked "Not a US citizen." Most people have been duped into believing being a US citizen is a good thing.

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