What is the Best Form for My Business?

If you are an independent contractor or are in business for yourself, you will not be able to open a bank account in today's market without a federal tax identification number or employer identification number. Although, we as Americans are not required to file a tax return or pay income tax, we still have to work within the system that has been fraudulently forced on us through the Federal Reserve Bank. So what is the best form of business to establish for getting paid without reporting your personal information to the Internal Revenue Service or any other agency in the federal government?

The limited liability company form of business is a state created form of business and the IRS has no jurisdiction over the LLCs. Since you cannot open a bank account without an EIN or TIN, you have to apply for one to the IRS. The first step is to start a limited liability company. At the time of this writing, the best state in which to form your limited liability company is New Mexico. New Mexico does not require an annual report and does not require the listing of the owners.

Once you have established your limited liability company, you will need to fill out an SS4, Application for Employer Identification Number (see attachment below). How you fill out this form is very important. So let's step through the form to make sure that you do not make any mistake as it is written to deceive you into transferring yourself into federal jurisdiction voluntarily. So to make sure that you do not "volunteer" for something that is detrimental to your well being, follow the below instructions that correspond to the blocks on the form.

  1. This is the name of the LLC as it appears on the articles of organization.
  2. This would the name of the business if different than the 1st block. Leave blank if the business name is not different.
  3. This would be the name of the person managing the business.
  4. Of course, this is just the address.
  5. The physical address of the business if different than the mailing address.
  6. The county and state. Remember, the federal government has not jurisdiction within the state.
  7. The name of the responsible party can be another LLC, or your name. 7b. would be either your social security number of the EIN of the other LLC.
  8. a. Why would they ask about your business being an LLC? Obviously there is something different about this form of business. The correct answer is "Yes". 
    8b. List the number of members (owners)
    8c. This is a trick question. Most people are not aware that the "United States" refers to the corporation and its territory. If you established your LLC in one of the 50 states, the correct answer is "No", because the 50 states are foreign nations in relation to the "United States" corporation, which should not be confused with the united states of America.
  9. a. Another trick question. Note there is no choice for limited liability company. The correct answer is "Other"  and then specify limited liability company. Since you did nt form a corporation, 9b. is left blank or you may write in n/a for not applicable.
  10. This is one of the most important questions to answer. We would not be applying for an EIN if not for the banking system. The correct answer is "Banking Purpose" and to specify purpose, write "open account". After all, that is the only reason we need and EIN.

The rest of the questions are self explanatory and you can't really get into trouble with them. It would be best if you are applying for an EIN for a business that has never applied for an EIN before, since you are starting fresh to keep the IRS legal. The federal government and the IRS will use whatever crooked tactic they can to scare you into submission.

Once you have receive your EIN, read Limited Liability Companies Are Not Required File a Tax Return.

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