Trouble Registering uses a service to protect against spammers registering and cluttering up the site with there junk. The service is provided by CleanTalk, which does a tremendous job of filtering out over 100 spam registrations per day.

Sometimes you may be mistaken as a spam registration. The message you see might look something like this.

*** User forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. Request number 1d5bc39b5c0ff91a0ff7009705441b37. Antispam service ***

If this occurs, notify admin and we will fix the issue so that you may complete your registration. We apologize for any inconvenience, but I am sure that once you join, you will appreciate the lack of spam all over the site. Imagine 5,000 members making posts on the site and 4,000 of them are spammers posting links to their affiliate sites to sell you a watch or jewelry.
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