How to Cut the Size of Government in Half in Four Years or Less

I have listened and read complaints by many people about the size of government in these untied states for years now. The way that most people attempt to fix a bloated government is to elect other people who promise to reduce the size of government. Yet, if we look at government, it has never gotten smaller and only gotten bigger since its inception in the united states of America. As a matter of fact, I have met people from some European countries who talk about how much worse the police are here than in their home countries. So, if electing people to the very government we are trying to make smaller does not work, how can we reduce the size of government. After all, the United States corporation now refers to the American people as enemies when it adjusted the Trading With the Enemies Act in 1933 to include the American people. So the United States corporation that you all refer to as the federal government views you as an enemy.

The following steps work not only to return you to your sovereign position in these united states, but would also curtail the size of government dramatically. If people would just start taking responsibility for there own lives rather than depending on government, we would have a very prosperous economy and would be free to live our lives anyway we saw fit so long as we did not injure another. Crime would plummet, because so many things that are labeled a crime today, would not constitute crime and the dangers of selling goods on the black market would evaporate, since there would not be anything to sell on the black market.

Common Law Grand Jury

The first thing that must take place is for each country across these united states is to form a common law grand jury.  This is the one organization that is controlled solely by those on the grand jury. It may meet in secret without any intrusion from any government agency and it decides what cases will be tried. Once the grand jury agrees on whether or not to proceed on a particular case, it creates a presentment.

A presentment is what most of us know as an indictment. An indictment originates with the government. A presentment originates with the grand jury. That is why most of us have never heard of a presentment. There are very few real grand juries. The grand juries that are in place are statutory grand juries that do not have 25 people. The reason they do not have 25 people, is they would constitute a common law grand jury and could not be controlled so well by the government.

Judges take an oath to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America, but do not keep to their oath while on the bench. They do whatever they can to trick people into believing they have jurisdiction over the individual in front of them. These judges preside over, mostly, equity courts. The only thing that makes a court a court of record is the paper filed by the plaintiff. When a plaintiff has filed his papers naming the court of record and the judge does anything in an attempt to make a decision or order, he has just committed treason, since the US Constitution guarantees the common law to the people. A grand jury could bring charges against a judge for this treason. Typically, judges protect each other by not finding them guilty of committing a crime. But when a case is brought in a court of record, the judge does not get to make a decision and the decision of the tribunal is not reviewable, which means it cannot be appealed to a higher court.

In common law, if a defendant is sentenced to 10 years in prison, he does 10 years in prison. Statutes are what allows prisoners to get out early with good behavior. There are no statutes in common law, which is why government prefers statutes and hide the fact that we have the common law in these united states of America. When corrupt police, judges and politicians go to prison for treason for failing to uphold their oaths of office, then we will see a dramatic drop in these abuses.

Challenge Jurisdiction

Anytime you are cited, fined or arrested for any reason, you are not being charged in a court of record. The equity court gets your consent during arraignment. They say something to the affect of "you are hereby charged with breaking code section whatever". They then ask "how do you plead?" and give you three choices, none of which are to object to the code.  The correct response is to object to the code, since you are guaranteed the common law and there are no codes in common law. You will also object to the courts jurisdiction. The court must prove it has jurisdiction over your person once challenge. It has to be proven on the record. A judge is not permitted to simply decide he has jurisdiction. As a matter of fact, there is a case site that says that very thing in the template in the member forum.

A court of record, by definition, "proceeds according common law". The people of the united states of America are guaranteed the common law by the Constitution for the United States of America. As people we are actually above the constitution. The constitution was written as a control measure for the central government that was being formed. Any time the word law appears in the constitution, it is referring to the common law, because that was the prevalent law at the time. It has been gradually transformed to statutory "law", because statutory law favors government control and special interests.

The problem the government has is we still can opt to use the common law in these united states. So to rectify the problem, the government forced people into government run schools and gradually removed civics as a course, because civics taught us about our rights. Schools no longer teach civics. The solution is to always challenge the jurisdiction of the government when it is attempting to force its will on you. As a sovereign, you are not subject to the jurisdiction of the government. So the government cannot regulate your speed on the highway, cannot make you get a driver's license, cannot make you register your cars or make you get a permit for anything including guns, construction or anything else. So if the government charges you with an offense, you need to file a counterclaim to challenge its jurisdiction. If it has not charged you with anything and threatens you with charging you with something, then you need to file an action in court challenging its jurisdiction. You can get a jump on the government in some regards by serving the DMV in your state with a Right To Travel Affidavit and Notice. There is an example of one in our member forums.

For example, let's say you are building a house and the government comes by and tells you that you have to get a permit or it will take action to shut down your construction. You would then file a suit in a court of record to challenge jurisdiction. If it did shut down your construction, you would include damages for the delay in your suit. If you are the plaintiff in the court of record, that also makes you the tribunal. The tribunal is who makes the decision in a court of record and it is separate from the magistrate, which is what the judge is. The only time that you, the plaintiff, aren't the tribunal in a court of record, is when there is a jury. You, as the plaintiff, get to pick the jury, because it is your court. The defense does not get to participate in jury selection in a court of record. That way you can make sure that there is nobody on the jury who claims to be a citizen. You do not want any citizens in the jury, because citizens are in the control of the government and if they are too ignorant to know the difference in a citizen and a people, they will not understand your arguments and most likely not believe your arguments if they did, because they would believe the government has the jurisdiction it claims to have. A sample challenge to jurisdiction can be found in our member forums.

Income Tax

The government gets much of its power through money to fund its abuses. Many people have complained of the police state, yet do nothing to put a stop to it other than complain. Americans cannot be required to pay income tax. As a matter of fact, Section 7806 of Title 26, the income tax code, actually says that Title 26 is not law, even for those who are subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government. So even federal officers cannot be required to pay income tax. Nobody can be required to pay income tax. If you are still paying income tax, you are aiding the enemy. Income tax is not used for any benefit that Americans receive from the federal government. It is profit that goes to the federal reserve bank, which is a private company.

You can stop your employers from withholding income tax and social security tax from your paychecks and get an immediate raise. You need to file a Certificate in Lieu of W-4 which is available through our member forum. This is the only form that the IRS does not provide, because it is the only form that stops any withholding. If your employer does not allow you to present this, you may have to take action against your employer to make him stop withholding your pay unlawfully. You are exempt from withholding per Section 7806 of Title 26. This includes everyone including federal employees. That is all the reason you need. Once you stop paying income tax and filing tax returns, you can get help with dealing with the IRS through our member forum. It was reported back in 2003 that just under 70,000,000 had withdrawn from the income tax rolls. Imagine what would happen if everyone withdrew. Why would you volunteer to pay a tax that is both not law and does not apply to you? Imagine never concerning yourself with April 15th every year. It is truly a weight off of your shoulders.

Stop Paying Property tax

Property tax is the primary way that the government funds its schools. The school system is not intended to educate anyone. It is intended to control what people learn. It is through the government run schools that people have been taught to call themselves citizens. It is through government run schools that people have been taught that government authority supersedes that of people. The reason that government gets away with charging property tax is by not issuing a true allodial title to your land. To rectify this, you need to obtain the land patent to all of your real estate. Real estate is just a piece of paper that lays over the property. It is not the property itself. You must do this by obtaining the land patent. Team Law can help with this process. Once you get the land patent to your property, you can then challenge the jurisdiction of the government to remove your land from the property tax rolls. When no more property tax is being collected, you can then afford to pay for your own children's education. There is a reason that home schooled children are by leaps and bounds exceeding the capabilities of children in institutional schools. By home schooling your children, you can teach them about common law and people's rights as compared to citizen rights or the lack thereof. Imagine how much different America would be if the next generation knew what people in the united states knew when it was founded. It is what they knew that gave the federal government reason to force people into government run schools. It would not happen again, because the next time, we would be prepared and recognized a forced population of government run schools as an attack by a domestic enemy of the people of the united states of America.

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