Are You required to Pay a Tax on Your Income?

The Deception

Most of us have been duped into believing that we Americans are required to pay a tax on our incomes. It has been drilled into us since our births. It has become such an ingrained part of our belief systems that we refuse to accept that we could have been wrong or, worse yet, lied to by the very government that was supposed to be protecting us. It is so much a part of our belief system that many of us will not even take the time to read the information that might convince us that we have made a mistake.

So before you read any further, go read Title 26 is NOT Law. Then if you are still not convinced, come back here and read the rest of this article and those linked to it.

Take time to investigate other sources and decide for yourself the truthfulness of the information. There are numerous pages of information on this site that support the argument presented here. This site does not propose any form of trust, off shore accounts or any other scheme or scam that would have you hide your assets from the IRS or federal government. Although, since the IRS has been known to break the law and force people to have to fight to get their property returned, it may not be a bad idea, that is for those who fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government. As you will find out here, sovereign people do not fall into the jurisdiction of the federal government and we present Supreme Court cases that, without a doubt, support this stance.

There are other sites that present very detailed analysis of information about the fraud that has been perpetrated upon the American public. Some of these sites support the information presented here and some of them denounce the information presented here. Most of the sites that denounce the information here, do not do so directly. The arguments they present almost always address trusts and other such schemes for, as mentioned earlier, hiding assets. They will also call those who know the truth and do not pay income taxes nor file a return "tax evaders", "tax protesters" and similar such names. This is done in a feeble attempt to discredit the source so that others who have not learned the truth will look no further. Many of the sites that denounce the stance presented here get almost all of their information from the IRS. That is like asking a burglar if he stole your stuff and believing him when he says, "No." They will have links to court cases in which people are being prosecuted and convicted for tax evasion. What needs to be at the forefront of your mind while reading this, is not all federal laws apply to everybody who is domiciled in the united states of America, but applies only to those who fall within the "exclusive jurisdiction" of the federal government. If a "defendant" does not challenge the courts jurisdiction by filing a counter claim in a court of record when called into court, the court will presume that it has jurisdiction and the ignorant defendent who depended on his lawyer knowing what he was doing, may end up in prison. Of course, since attorneys are officers of the court, you have essentially granted the courts jurisdiction over you. That is why it is best to be yourself in court. Notice I did not say anything about representing yourself. You should never sign any kind of agreement with a court which says anything about the court "permitting" you to represent yourself. As one of the people, you do not need permission from the court. If you sign such a document, you have once again ceded jurisdiction to the equity court.

It should also be noted from the start of your studies the term income is defined nowhere in Title 26, so the Supreme Court has defined income for us. It does not mean your wages. We have a case reference page with many Supreme Court Cases to help make clear the stance presented here is not one of opinion other than that of the Supreme Court Justices who delivered them. We also explain the different jurisdictions over which a judge may be sitting when you enter a courtroom and how to challenge that jurisdiction. There are three jurisdictions over which a judge may be presiding and the US Constitution and US Code only applies to one of them.

The fact is, as people of the united states of America you are also sovereign people of the state in which you are domiciled and the united States (of America). As sovereign people, you are not required to pay an income tax. This has been ruled by the Supreme Court as un-Constitutional as it would be a restriction on a right that is guaranteed by the US Constitution. They determined that your property cannot be taxed directly by the federal government, and your labor is the "original foundation of all other property", because it is through your labor that all of your other property is acquired.

The Supreme Court has also ruled that you cannot be forced to show any of your records. Even if you claim to be a "citizen and subject to the jurisdiction" of the federal government and are called into meet with an IRS agent for an "audit", although you must bring your records, you do not have to show them to the agent as this would be an infringement on your fifth amendment right to not incriminate yourself. So if someone from the IRS tries to tell you that your records are not protected, simply ask the IRS agent if you can go to jail based on the information in your records. He will have to answer yes, because you can, if you are a federal subject and do not challenge the IRS, since the income code, Title 26, is not law. The court has also ruled that filing a return is testimony and you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself.

The Hook

The hook by which they get you is to get you to sign a W-4 or W-9. When doing so you are voluntarily moving yourself from the freedom of sovereignty to the jurisdiction of the US federal government corporation. By signing this form you have just waived all of your natural rights, because the federal government may "exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District" granted it in Article 1, Section 8 Clause 17. You have moved yourself from one of the United States to the other.

Of course, the opposition likes to point out that people have been imprisoned and lost all of there belongings due to tax evasion and not paying their income tax. What you are not told is that when you are a subject of the federal government, the IRS, has been granted jurisdiction through appointment from the US Department of the Treasury. You are also not told that the IRS has NO jurisdiction over sovereign people, who are actually non-resident aliens with respect to the federal government.

Just who is subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government? Well, US citizens. That means people who live in Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam or any other territory and label themselves citizens. It includes federal employees like postal workers, military personnel, FBI and ATC agents and, yes, IRS employees. Hmmmm. Maybe, that is why they work so fervently to perpetrate this fraud through the fear tactics they use. Federal subjects are also people who are from other countries who request to our federal government to be granted permission to live in our country. It also includes organizations who apply to the IRS for "tax exempt status".

There is at least one site that purports that this philosophy is incorrect, because Title 26 covers "sources of income from within and without" the country. This particular individual does not, however, cover the fact that the law only speaks of resident aliens when covering these two areas. As pointed out earlier, if you are born in the united states of America, for example Alaska, Alabama.... Washington or Wyoming, you are not a US person, but are instead a people of Alaska, Alabama.... Washington or Wyoming.

It is even common practice for the prosecuting attorney from the US Department of Justice to ask if you are "a US citizen" first thing before beginning a trial to establish jurisdiction. The Supreme Court has ruled that there are two separate United States. When you are in tax court, the United States corporation that the prosecuting attorney is asking about is not the one that most of us would think it is. He is asking about the one that the federal government has jurisdiction over. If you were to respond to this question with, "No, I am a people of (insert your state here)", then the judge would have no legitimate choice, but to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction. In all actually, the correct way to address the court, is to file a counter claim in a court of record to challenge the jurisdiction of the so called tax court.

You may be wondering, now, how to stop participating in the fraud. If you are self employed or an employer, it is quite easy. The income tax system is really a silly one. The IRS gets most of its information about you from you. You sign a form making yourself a federal subject and you fill out a 1040 giving as much detailed information about your income as you can come up with. For the self employed you simply stop sending in the information. If you are an employer, then you simply stop withholding a portion of your employees pay and reporting their incomes to the IRS. Even if you have resident aliens working for you, the IRS cannot force a sovereign people into working as an agent for the federal government by reporting their incomes and filling out the forms that the IRS requires. This would be forced involuntary servitude. It is not a privilege to work and provide employment in this country, it is a right. (The Supreme Court has also rule that "income" is a gain on capital, separated from that capital. If you are an employer and would like help in ceasing to participate in the income tax fraud, contact this author through this site and, for a fee, we will walk you through the entire process and train all of your employees.

If you are an employee, your task is more difficult. You can have a Certificate in Lieu of W4 ready to submit when you go in for your new job to submit with all of the other documentation. We have one in the member forum on this site for you to download.

Technically what the employer is doing is extortion and racketeering. You are being coerced into giving up part of your pay to an organization who has no right to it. Sounds like the mob, doesn't it?

One solution might be to increase your exemptions to the maximum allowable which in many cases would lower what is being withheld to nothing. Make sure when you sign the W4 or W9 that you write above your signature "Without Prejudice, UCC 1-308". Since you can also change any contract you sign before signing, you could change the "under penalty of perjury" to "under penalty of perjury under the laws of the united states of America". I would also scratch out the "I am a US person" and replace it with "I am NOT a US person". Whatever you do when signing a W-4 or W-9 to gain employment, it can still be argued that you were coerced in doing so to gain employment, because you have to earn a living to support yourself and your family.

You  then simply do not file and when the IRS finally sends you notification about your not filing, you send them a letter stating that you are a people of (insert your state here) and do not owe taxes for the year in question. You should also point out that you are exempt per 26 USC Section 7806. Now once you sent in the letter, the IRS would know that you know more than the average American and have, at the very least, been investigating your rights as a sovereign.

They could take you to tax court, because you did sign the W4 after all, although it is not likely if you use the template letter that we provide through the member forum. If you are summoned to appear in court, you should challenge jurisdiction. Our member forum include a sample counterclaim that you can use to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. If you are preparing to do this, you must be prepared. The judge will attempt to do whatever he can to trick you into ceding to his jurisdiction. Judges in a common law court, which is what you will be in if you use our template, do not have the authority to make decisions or issue orders.

 They would also consider that others, who have not done the research you have, might make better targets. Of course, since you have been daring to question the authority of the IRS, they might take you to court anyway out of retaliation, even though you would prevail. Of course, they are most likely to dismiss the case before you go to trial once they find out that you know the law, because they do not want your win based on the actual law to become a matter of public record. They also know that many people, once pulled into tax court, become fearful, and when asked if they are a US citizen answer in the affirmative, giving the IRS the authority they have been looking for.

Upon initially contemplating doing what I have just suggested you might think I am nuts and you will definitely end up in prison or at least fined. Remember, if you are a not a US citizen, but are instead one of the people, you are not supposed to be doing these things anyway. If you are doing them, then the IRS assumes that you know what you are doing and must have jurisdiction over you. If the IRS has jurisdiction over you, then their scam applies unless, of course, you point out that Title 26 is not law.

Many of you will read this information and even agree with it after collecting and studying other sources, yet you will continue to do what you have always done. You will file your returns and sign your W4's and W9's. You will do so out of fear even though as off 2003 just under 70 million (70,000,000) people had withdrawn from the tax rolls. This fear is exactly what the IRS wants. They want to scare you into making yourself a subject of the federal government. They do this not because they want to make you obey the law. They do this because they do not have authority over sovereign people and they gain that authority once you give up your sovereignty by signing a W4 or W9. Remember that in their "United States" the federal government is the sovereign. In our "United States", we the people are the sovereign. There can only be one entity as sovereign.

There are other resources linked on this site to Supreme Court decisions in both our Case Reference page and our "income definition" page.

When you read information presented by any individual or group of individuals, the reader should always approach with skepticism. After all, the sender of the message is biased and is attempting to persuade the reader to believe as he does. When you read any book or article you will find references to case law and the law itself. Don't take the author's word for what he is proclaiming, nor mine. Read the case law, and other references provided. These resources speak for themselves. Whatever anyone argues, he should be able to show where these Supreme Court decisions have been overturned by the Supreme Court itself. Only the Supreme Court can overturn a Supreme Court decision.

You might also take the time to read an article on this site Supreme Court Rules Two United States. It has a link to the Supreme Court decision in which the two "United States" were defined. This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated by anyone. It was reported in 2003 by an IRS agent that 70 million people had stop playing the IRS tax game. Maybe you can make it 70,000,001.

You might also start taking the steps to reclaim your sovereignty.

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