Steps to Your Sovereign Capacity

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Steps to Your Sovereign Capacity

The following is a step by step how to return to your sovereign capacity. As was shown by Anthony Williams during his extradition hearings in Hawaii, you cannot just say you are a sovereign. You must act like it. You should know, however, there is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. If a sovereign is the master, and the citizen is the slave of the government, how can you be a master slave? You cannot. Following the below steps. This post will be changing over the course of the next coupld of weeks with the addition of steps and links to how to perform each step.

  1. (Optional) Submit Right to Travel Affidavit to your state department of motor vehicles. This first step is optional, because it makes it known to your state your intentions and gives it time to respond, which it most likely will not do. But if you find yourself already at odds with the state or other "law" enforcement agency within your state, this step can be skipped to proceed with the next step. Send an affidavit to your state department of motor vehicles to notice it and attest to the fact that you did not intend to contract with the state. We have an extremely detailed template that you can use. You will have to edit it to fit you particular state. You will note that the affidavit includes a 30 day periord for the state to constest your attestaion and a 60 day period for it to return your alloidal title to your carriage.
  2. If you have been cited or arrested for any so called "crime", you need to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. The court that you will be seen in is not a common law court and every people of the united states of America is guaranteed the common law. It is of the utmost importance that you do not submit a plea during arraignment. You are ceding to the courts jurisdiction when you do. If you are standing before the court and asked to plea guilty, not guilty or no contest do not use any of the choices given by the court. You need to state that you object to the courts jurisdiction. If you have been arrested for a DUI, or drug possession or prostitution or some other similar "crime" and there is time, you should have a family member or friend draw up your challenge based on the template on this site and submit it to the court BEFORE your arraignment if you can. This should be practiced just like a fire drill. Get your family and friends familiar with the templates on this site or have some already edited with your information so that all that needs be doen is put the case number, court and states headers on it. If you already have your informaiton in place, there are that many fewer mistakes that can be made. IIf you are a member of this site, have your family member of friend contact us and we will assist with proofing your documents. Do not take this step lightly. If your are going to be a sovereign, you need to act like one.
ok i have prelim hearing may

ok i have prelim hearing may 13 for a dui before a district magistrate court but i cannot find this "template" to challenge jurisdiction you speak of above (help?)

also i do not know what "type" of court this is...i suppose this will matter?

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what type of court

When you file you counterclaim, you name the type of court in which you will proceed. The first paragraph of your papers will state your name, that you are a people, and you are filing this counterclaim in a court of record. By calling yourself a people in a court of record, you are saying that you are a sovereign proceeding according t o common law. 

The template is in the member forum. The member forum requires annual dues ofm $30 or membership in the APP, to become a contributing member. The member forum is where members share their cases and help each other when writing their papers. 

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But it's about so much more

But it's about so much more than giving them an affidavit; it's knowing how to stand on the paperwork, and meanwhile, moving into the private jurisdiction, meaning - learning how to properly contract and do a restricted signature, stop taking government benefits, rescind voter registration, stop caring so much about what Trump does because he's a corporate executive officer, not a president! The passport is an excellent start, but there's more to moving into the private. A lot more.

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moving into the private

At Americanqueen:

so you speak of moving into the private, as in private person. Have heard this as private citizen as well.

I am not the best at computer research.....having issue with finding info on these thing you speak of.

like the way to contract and such about restricted signature.

granted my dues just got payed so I cant get into member stuff just yet.

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I hope this isn't too off topic...

From what I've read here, one can challenge the jurisdiction of the court at any time?  Is this correct?

Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time and once challenged, cannot be assumed and must be decided. Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 F 2d 906, 910.

Bright Eyes ;)

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seems you have answered your own question, there are a couple more cases that say basically the same thing or close to it. I know this is a long way from 3/25 but thought i would respond.


UCC filing

anyone know the UCC process?

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