Steps to Your Sovereign Capacity (Updated)

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Steps to Your Sovereign Capacity (Updated)

The following is a step by step how to return to your sovereign capacity. As was shown by Anthony Williams during his extradition hearings in Hawaii, you cannot just say you are a sovereign. You must act like it. You should know, however, there is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. If a sovereign is the master, and the citizen is the slave of the government, how can you be a master slave? You cannot. Following the below steps. This post will be changing over the course of the next couple of weeks with the addition of steps and links to how to perform each step.

  1. YOU MUST DO THIS STEP FIRST, NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK UNTIL YOU DO. We have learned recently that our birth certificate is not a document used to mark the day we were born. It was the creation of a state agency. You are presumed to be the registered agent for the state agency and that is why you get served every time there is a citation, criminal charge foreclosure. It is not you who is being called into court. It is the agency being called into court. Your job as the registered agent is to forward it to the principal or CEO in the state wherein the agency was created. But we have been taught that the name spelled in all caps is just a strawman, cestui que trust. So the absolute first step you must take to free yourself is to resign as the representative. KW explains this very well in a YouTube video and I recommend that all of you make this this the next thing you do no matter what. I have typed out a resignation affidavit which is attached to this post and can be used as a template for your resignation. File the affidavit in your county and get a few certified copies. Copy one of them and send the resignation to the secretary of state in every state that you have done business as in had a drivers license, live grew up and wherein your birth certificate was created. For the state in which you are currently domiciled, go the the states website and look for the form to resign as a registered agent and send that in along with your affidavit and notice. If you are called into court, you must file a notice of "special appearance in a non-agent, non-representative capacity". Do that before you are to be in court. Once in court, and you are call say, I am am here for that matter on special appearance in a non-agent, non-representative capacity and filed my notice with the court." This appears to be th critical step that we have been missing. I linked the Certificate confirming the date born above and here. Notice you were not birthed. You were born. You will need an application like Inkscape to edit the document. It is a large file, because it is in great detail and is of high quality for printing. When you print it, I would suggest that you use a high quality paper like 32 pound, 100% cotton paper. After all, it is a certificate marking the day you were born. 28 USC 1746 gives yo the authority to make your own certificate and says that any certificate sworn to under oath or affirmation under the penalties of perjury in the United States of America to have the such matter may, with like force and effect, be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the unsworn declaration, certificate, verification, or statement, in writing of such person which is subscribed by him, as true under penalty of perjury,.
  2. Submit Right to Travel Affidavit to your state department of motor vehicles. This first step is optional, because it makes it known to your state your intentions and gives it time to respond, which it most likely will not do. But if you find yourself already at odds with the state or other "law" enforcement agency within your state, this step can be skipped to proceed with the next step. Send an affidavit to your state department of motor vehicles to notice it and attest to the fact that you did not intend to contract with the state. We have an extremely detailed template that you can use. You will have to edit it to fit you particular state. You will note that the letter with the includes a 30 day period for the state to contest your attestation and a 60 day period for it to return your allodial title to your carriage.
  3. If you have been cited or arrested for any so called "crime", you need to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. The court that you will be seen in is not a common law court and every people of the united states of America is guaranteed the common law. It is of the utmost importance that you do not submit a plea during arraignment. You are ceding to the courts jurisdiction when you do. If you are standing before the court and asked to plea guilty, not guilty or no contest do not use any of the choices given by the court. You need to state that you object to the courts jurisdiction. If you have been arrested for a DUI, or drug possession or prostitution or some other similar "crime" and there is time, you should have a family member or friend draw up your challenge based on the template on this site and submit it to the court BEFORE your arraignment if you can. This should be practiced just like a fire drill. Get your family and friends familiar with the templates on this site or have some already edited with your information so that all that needs be doen is put the case number, court and states headers on it. If you already have your informaiton in place, there are that many fewer mistakes that can be made. IIf you are a member of this site, have your family member of friend contact us and we will assist with proofing your documents. Do not take this step lightly. If your are going to be a sovereign, you need to act like one.
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ok i have prelim hearing may

ok i have prelim hearing may 13 for a dui before a district magistrate court but i cannot find this "template" to challenge jurisdiction you speak of above (help?)

also i do not know what "type" of court this is...i suppose this will matter?

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what type of court

When you file you counterclaim, you name the type of court in which you will proceed. The first paragraph of your papers will state your name, that you are a people, and you are filing this counterclaim in a court of record. By calling yourself a people in a court of record, you are saying that you are a sovereign proceeding according the common law. 

The template is in the member forum.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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But it's about so much more

But it's about so much more than giving them an affidavit; it's knowing how to stand on the paperwork, and meanwhile, moving into the private jurisdiction, meaning - learning how to properly contract and do a restricted signature, stop taking government benefits, rescind voter registration, stop caring so much about what Trump does because he's a corporate executive officer, not a president! The passport is an excellent start, but there's more to moving into the private. A lot more.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

moving into the private

At Americanqueen:

so you speak of moving into the private, as in private person. Have heard this as private citizen as well.

I am not the best at computer research.....having issue with finding info on these thing you speak of.

like the way to contract and such about restricted signature.

granted my dues just got payed so I cant get into member stuff just yet.

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I hope this isn't too off topic...

From what I've read here, one can challenge the jurisdiction of the court at any time?  Is this correct?

Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time and once challenged, cannot be assumed and must be decided. Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 F 2d 906, 910.

Bright Eyes ;)

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both."
-Eleanor Roosevelt


seems you have answered your own question, there are a couple more cases that say basically the same thing or close to it. I know this is a long way from 3/25 but thought i would respond.


UCC filing

anyone know the UCC process?

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Why do you want to know the UCC process?

We operate in the common law. when operate in their law, you are subject to their jurisdiction. I will be updating the step by step process soon to make it easier to do. It is far more easy than I knew it to be. This will change every thing. The truth is coming out.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

answer to your question

I'm researching a way to live life according life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

birth cirtificate??

so am I correct to ssy that the birth cirtificate needs to be done before the passport???

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Do Deed of Nativity first

Sorry, I have been so slow to reply to questions. Yes, you want to do you Deed of Nativity first, because that document is the counter-deed to destroys the public deed that the puppet masters created for you.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Is this called something else

Is this called something else besides Deed of Nativity?  Sure is hard to find unless you're talking about Birth Certificates.  Search engines can't find it and start giving property deed links.  I don't live in the state I'm from, so not sure what to do first.  By the way, your certificate has expired and setting off browsers.  Also looks like you went dormant.

We spoke on last week's call,

We spoke on last week's call, and, per your suggestion, I emailed you re: your tweaking of the technique to get court to actually pay judgments against them. Did you receive it? TIA.

good read

ok so this is pulled from anna's stuff but it partains to this subject thought folks might like to read this and add it to there to do list!

File Attachments: 
Challenging jurisdiction

Yes i am so in love with this stuff 

It gives me a reason to live ECSTATIC meaning super happpeeeee!    

I forgot how much i love studying this stuff. Im getting good ! Just a noob tho .... on the definitions , im aware of the big picture tho     i want to dedicate some of the spare time in my life to learning how to criminally indict them like if they issued a warrant and broke into my parents house with grenades and tazed my mother or hurt my family looking for me, because they saw my previous address as familys address.... we all need to learn how to protect our families! Have u ever heard of fieri facias de bonus ecclesiastis writ of execution demands to bishop seizure on all land of the sheriff or whoever , or is this just bs? We need a network of ppl who have successfully done it, and better teachers of the law. For lazy ppl and those short on time or mp3 for good beginning lessons on court stuff. There is so much u can file. I have the resignation of agency from the secretary of state website and was thinking o filling it out too, should i? What do u think?    So many definitions, so little time! word-by-word    loool ^_^

What bishop? Not pope francis?  

Btw not to sound silly but they will not hesitate to cause injury and damages to the inñocent , just for one joint! I will never do it again out of sheer fear , but its so hard to learn all this when u were raised thinking it was a country but its not, its devastating for a while at least for me but now im back and ready to duel! A wizards spell casting act to cast magic spells and put them in a cast. 

Am i too far out there?  U can delete if its too long but at least read it ok i made this up so silly

Go to a Hearing if u want 2 b Heard, if u want 2 b a part of the Herd, a group of animals stock in a flock, sheep sheeple there r the people! In wolves clothing , the blind leading the blind.

Tradi g with enemy combatants enforcing corporate policy thru word trickery long planned conditioning in schools and under color of law , will stop at no means unless we start holding them acountable for their violent and outrageous acts of misconduct.. if i knew the llaw a lot better i would beat them up and down the street all day verbally i can thank catholic school for the excellent english grammar typing and acting lessons, thats all we do. Now that i know all this im in involuntary servitude lol

Steps for a naturalized citizen to become a Sovereign

I am very interested in becoming a Sovereign. My question is: I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Migrated to the US in 1979. Became a U.S. Citizen in January of 2006. Now being a naturalized citizen how do i deal with the issue of my birth certificate that was not issued in the U.S.A. but in Venezuela?  In essence, can anyone tell me what are the steps for me to follow from being a naturalized citizen to becoming a Sovereign? Thank you,

Leon Altuna


Great information. Thank you


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Question concerning the Affidavit of Resignation of Agent

In the Affidavit it says,

7. Affiant has served as registered agent for the agency with no salary, benefit or lawful money compensation for serving as said agent for now, forty nine (49) years and six (6) months. (What I put there.)

8. Affiant demands to be paid for said service in lawful money and will forward a bill to the principal, at his earliest convenience.

Questions: Who is the principal that I will be billing, is there a billing template available to use and how do I go about sending said bill?


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Maybe it is better not to resign.

Let's take a look at some things. This information that we have added over the years worked at some point for some people but not all. It may actually be better not to resign as representative I have learned for a couple of reason. Keeping in mind, if one goes into court without representation, Rule 17.b.1 makes the rules of the court for those not represented the rules of his domicile. However, for those do serve as representatives are immune from liability for acts done on behalf of the represented. See the article I added recently about UCC 3-402. All you have to do is make all of your transactions obvious that you are representing the ESTATE NAME. I know someone who has been taken to federal court about a dozen times and has not lost once. They are only harrassing him because he is publicizing this info on FB. He usually drives 100 mph everywhere he goes, because he does not and cannot lose in court. Read the article.

So to make sure it is obvious you are merely the representative always write the word "By:" in front of your name. It would not hurt to use the title "Executor", "Administrator" or "Trustee" under your signature. If your state will allow you to, write "Without Prejudice" above your name and one of the above titles under your name, then do that. Not all states will allow you to do that, however.


M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

need help filling out the resignation of agent form

do i use the gov. issued s.s.# for the corp.# and do i use the all caps name for the corporation name and do i claim sole properitor or corp? can anyone help?

william whitmore


Does KW have a name.  I cannot find anything in YouTube.  Can someone provide the link??

KW explains this very well in a YouTube video and I recommend that all of you make this this the next thing you do no matter what



 Can you give me the name of the video?




How does anyone reach the level of Sovereign if they receive benefits from the Government.   Most if not all Americans use Federal Reserve Notes.  Most Americans pay taxes that also support Federal and local Governments.  Some of used our labor to buy into SS or Government Annuities.  So, the word Sovereign is a little confusing.  It seems to me that the lfull evel of Sovereign can only be archived  by absolute independence.  How is that possible?  Just as if there are levels of freedom.  Being fully free is the goal, but is it reasonable to believe this is possible?  I pray that some day it is!!!



Is it truly possible to become a Sovereign?  While trying to free oneself from the shackles of government what are we other than,  the people, living souls man or woman?  

The position one  takes on the premise they are Sovereign confuses me.  A complete separation from the tentacles of government is next to impossible as long as we the people remain in the United States of America.  There are benefits excepted without a real choice.  Say for instance the benefit of the use of Federal Reserve Notes.  Show me someone that carries around gold and silver.  How about supporting the system every time you make a purchase and pay taxes.  

Unfortunately most of us cannot start over again.  A lot of us used our labor for SSI and some of use accepted federal retirement because we either retired from the Military or we worked for the government.    I have heard this saying many times, " IF ONLY I KNEW THEN WHA T I KNOW NOW'.  Would we have done things differently?

So, again the premise that some of us claim to be Sovereign eludes me.  Seems to me that to be a Sovereign there needs to be a complete and total disconnection from government.  How is that possible? 



Help Needed In PR

Hi, can i do this same steps in Puerto Rico?. I was born and have live all of my 34yrs here.


Capture The Flag
If I was born in a different

I live in Jamaica. We use the English system of everything. A parish is a state. A town is -- a town.

in paragraph 4.
Do I mail the birth cert to them?
Do I send the bill to the state I was born in or the state I reside in?

I submitted an affidavit of resignation but the next day the Parish Council secretary emails me saying it does not fall under her jurisdiction, they'll [the bill and affidavit] will be dealt with no further.
If I was born in a different state where do I put where I was born vs where I live now? paragraph 1
...creation as a people of [state born or state residing]
...inhabitant of [town born or town residing]

paragraph 2
...within the STATE [born or residing]
...branch of the STATE [born or residing]

paragraph 9
...state created agency, the STATE [born or residing]
...governor for the State [born or residing]


Steps for a naturalize person to become a Sovereign

I am new to this site and forum. I am a naturalized American. What are the steps to become a Sovereign?

Leon Altuna

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