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It is important to keep our forums clean so that people can find information that helps everyone. Follow these guidelines so that we can all makes use of the forums and keep confusion to a minimum.

  1. If we get a rejected email delivery from your activation email sent to you when registering, your account will be canceled.
  2. Do not post a question not related to a specific topic in someone else's topic. If you have a new situation you want help with, start a new topic by clicking on the "New Topic" button in the appropriate forum.
  3. Make sure you post your question in the forum that most closely matches your topic.
  4. If you are starting a thread in member forum for your case, your case should by titled Your name v. your state et. al. or whomever your primary defendant is. If your action is a challenge to jurisdiction, it should be your state, because every government agency is a subdivision of your state.
  5. When naming court documents the naming convention is name of document.your initials, date as YYYYMMDD.001 etc. For example, a writ of error would be WOE.MRH.2016.08.27.001. The 2nd version would be named WOE.MRH.2016.08.27.002. In this manner we can always find your writ of error and we know what version it is.
  6. The member forum is for each members cases. It is not for discussion of topics that can be covered in the regular user forums.
  7. Do not ask questions about a case you might have that is similar in another member's case forum. This forum is for conducting a case from start to finish.
  8. Once a case has been completed, it will be move to the completed cases forum.
  9. If you ask a question in someone else's forum not related to the topic, it will not be answered until you start a new topic for your question.
  10. When editing another's case as your template, do not change the title page table at the top of the page where the claimant and defendants are list. This is a borderless table. You can highlight the table if you need to turn on the borders for ease of adding more line, but turn off the borders before printing.
  11. To add more lines to the title table, right click on a row and select "Insert Row" then "Above Row" or "Below Row". Do not type multiple lines in one row.
  12. Do not change the Causes of Action in the title. These will almost always be Trespass and/or Trespass on the Case. The law of the case has the definitions.
  13. Do not change the overall format of the action or claim. The Request for Relief section should not be changed to a motion. You are not asking the inferior court for anything.
  14. The case number on the title page should be left blank. The clerk will assign a case number when you file your claim.
  15. Do not type the numbers at the beginning of a paragraph to number them. Turn on Numbering so the number will automatically be added and removed if you add or remove a paragraph by pressing the enter/new line key. When inserting Subtitles for each cause of action, just hit the back space one time to remove the bullet. This will allow the next paragraph to be automatically numbered.
  16. Do not add space to center each subtitle for your causes of action. All that has to be done is to center align the paragraph.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated in keeping our forum neat.