When is a Vaccine NOT a Vaccine? When it is a Poison. Could this be the mark of the beast?

There is a lot of discussion lately about whether people should get the Covid-19 vaccine. It is widely known now that a "virus" must be isolated in its true form before a vaccine can be made from it. The CDC has admitted to a group of doctors who have requested a sample of the Covid-19 that it does not have such a sample. Yet, somehow a vaccine was produced. A high percentage of people are experiencing negative side effects after taking the vaccine. Some of these negative side effects include miscarriages of babies, Lou Gehrig's disease, Bell's palsy, and even death.

But what if you were to find out that a virus is not a communicable disease? What would you think to learn that a virus is your own body creating a solvent to break down a contaminant because your body is not otherwise able to keep up with removing said contaminant?

Mark of the Beast?

Many have speculated over the years about what may of not be the mark of the beast. One might think that this vaccines that is designed to sterilize and kill could be that mark of the beast when considering how much of the world "leadership" is pushing to have these vaccines made mandatory lest we not be able to buy food or otherwise participate in commerce. The following video explains in very great detail how the test kits used to test people for the Covid-19 virus are in fact a means of "vaccinating" people with nano technology that is used to poison people. It actually alters peoples' DNA. The vaccine is also used for that.

The fact that a virus is not something that is communicable has been confirmed repeatedly. This below video explains under no uncertain terms that people cannot catch a virus. As a matter fact, a virus will not even spread from one part of a body to abother, let alone to another body altogether.