Spammers are being removed, cleantalk is now working (I think)

Everyone be advised that I finally figured out why the anti spam plugin has not been working to block all of the spam that has been getting posted to to the site. This has been a long running frustration, because not even the creators of CleanTalk knew how to resolve the issue. Their suggestion was to remove and re-install, which did not work.

I finally found the problem and it turned out it was a simple one. The settings in the configuration that allows the spam test to be bypassed was changed from administrator to everyone but the administrator after an upgrade. I have corrected this and test it with an an email address used to test registrations and it was denied access as a blacklisted email address as expected and that denial was logged with CleanTalk also as expected.

Now I have the long road of removing the spam that made it onto the site. This will be a process. Part of the process is to delete the user spammers and their content. If you are a legitimate user and come to the site to find that you content and user account have been deleted, I apologize in advance. If you are a legitimate user of the site, please just register again. If you make it through the spam test, which you should if you have not been spamming site, then you will be set up again.

Most people do not register to a site without intenting to log in for access to those things registration allows. So, if you registered more than a week or so ago and have not logged in, you will be deleted. Again, if you are a legitimate user, register again.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience you have all had to put up with.