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Not a good site

The lawyouamerica site is not good. That does not mean it does not have good information, but on the very first page the publisher used the terminology "represent yourself". You never represent anybody. When you go into court, you are present. You do not need to be re-presented or presented again. Last time I was in court, the judge kept trying to get me to say I represent myself and I finally said, "I am present. I do not need to be re-presented." He then dropped it and moved on. I got a pat on my back on the way out of the court from the bailiff. These guys like to see us average Joes win sometimes. They are just trying to keep their jobs.

Liberty and ignorance cannot co-exist, because
"He who sleeps on his rights has none."

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These guys are learning to 

A) not touch us not really average Joes,

B) that we are kinda smart cookies


its getting entertaining 

Reformers in progress

Right! I agree. I run into a lot of locals and municipal officials that bully people and enjoy getting a lawyer makes everything right? Not! I asked questions to these moron wealthy pig lawyers that can't answer simple questions to simple problems like housing issues. From my experience with housing so called laws, and municipal stupidity can say this the real lawyers are the people!

Hatch Act recreated

People need laws>>>>>  that are made by the People. The Reformers (non-elected, non-political types)!


The Hatch Act is a good federal law made by lawyers to spurn and burn stupid political officials. It is a work in progress if the People (you and I ) take hold of it and reform it to boot out lots of elected morons that think they are gods of the little us Peoples!

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