Zimabawe and the Global Currency Reset

There has been a lot of speculation about how the 2008 and 2009 Zimbabwe currency that has circulated around the world will be redeemed once the global currency reset comes about. I do not comprehend the speculation as anyone who knows anything about financial instruments knows that they cannot be altered in any way fashion or form as that is illegal. Even governments do not get to interfere in contractual obligations even when they are who owes the debt. They have to file bankruptcy just like any other corporation, because all of them at this point in time are corporations. When NESARA takes effects, the United States Corporation will be defunct as we are returned to the original republic under which we were to operate in these united states of America.

The 2008 and 2009 Zimabawe bonds that have spread around the world and are now in the hands of much of the general public are in denominations of 50 trillion and 100 trillion amounts. These bills have never been currency as is obvious by what is printed on them and have always been bonds offering to pay Zimbabwe currency upon demand of the "bearer". I am convinced the reset has already occurred after what I saw tonight on the Department of the Treasury's website. What I saw was two exchange rates for Zimbabwe, one for the RTGS and one for the Zimababwe dollar. For those who may not know this yet, the Zimbabwe dollar is now gold backed. But some things need to be pointed out about the 2008 and 2009 series Zimabawe dollars floating around the world.

One Hundred trillion 2008 series Zimbabwe bond.

Many have speculated that zeros will be shaved off of the old bills, or that there will be a lower rate, like 22 cents to the USD. These speculators obviously do not know anything about financial instruments. It says right on the face of the Zimbabwe "bond" "I promise to pay to the bearer One Hundred Trillion Dollars" and it is sign by the head honcho at the time of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. So this is a bearer bond and must be paid at its face value. The word on the street or Internet is the Zimabwe bonds now spread around the world were never meant to get into the hands of the general public. Oops. Too late. It has. So what everyone must know to be a fact is Zimbabwe will be redeeming the 50T and 100T bonds when the reset occurs for Zimbabwe dollars. There is not question about that.

What one will find when visiting the site for the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Management, Funds Management Division is a listing of "Current Rates". There are two different currencies listed for Zimbabwe; the Zimabawe RTGS and the Zimbabwe dollar. The RTGS is not valued at a rate of 1:1 with the USD as one can exchange $1 for 9.563 RTGS as is listed on amendment 2 linked at the top of the page. The RTGS is a digital currency like most block chains currencies circulating the Internet today. But the Zimbabwe dollar is listed at a rate of 1:1, so that means when one exchanges Zimabwe dollars for United States dollars, he will get $1 USD or the new United States Treasury Note for every 1 ZD.

"But the 2008 and 2009 series bills are not the current Zimambwe dollar.", they say and they are right. But let us refer back to that 2008 and 2009 "bond" that we hold in our hands and refresh our memories about what it says the bearer will be paid when redeeming the bond. Oh, yeah. It says Zimabawe will pay to the bearer "One Hundred Trillion Dollars". So the bond will be redeemed for One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwe dollars which the Department of the Treasury says it will exchange for One Hundred Trillion United States dollars. Hmmmm. What is the question again?