Why I Do This

I recently watched (again) the video about an airman in the Air Force and the injuries he sustained and his overcoming these injuries. He had lost both of his legs and his hand when a rocket RPG exploded 3 feet from where he stood. He was thrown 25 feet in the air.

This is for those of you who wonder why I publish this site and spread the word about the truth in these united states. I have friends in the patriot movement warn me that what I am doing is dangerous and I am painting a target on my back. You see, when some patriot site is arguing for unity and claiming to be sovereign citizens, they are divulging to those in power that they are ignorant of the truth. So the powers in control of government are not concerned about those arguments. However, people who expose the truth do so with a bit of risk. Those in control will attempt to stop whomever is exposing the truth.

But when I see what our veterans and military go through, I am not deterred. I serve in the USAF for 6 years when I was just out of high schools. I did not have the means to go to college as I came from a family that was not well off. It is a typical situation. Most of those who join the military are the less fortunate. Many of the officers are those who went through one of the military academies and are fulfilling their obligations. Most rich people do not go into the military. You can bet that those rich enough to control government are not endangering their children's lives and think of those poor saps who join the military as pawns in their money making schemes.

But the untied states was established during a time when there were two classes of people. There was the nobility and the common folk who were subject to the rule of the nobility. The nobility were able to take advantage of the common folk and when we won our war of independence, the founding fathers wanted to assure we would not have a repeat. So we the people were all made nobility. We were sovereign with no other authority higher than ours. We could not be told what to do by anyone. Not even a representative government. Although, we had no subjects, we were still not subjects of any other.

But, don't be fooled. They have created that class of people to serve as subject again. they could not stand the fact that you were their equals, so they took forced people to give up their children to condition them to believe they were citizens. Do not be fooled.

It is for all of those common folk who are willing to die or be maimed permanently that I do this. You are the reason that we have what we have. You are why I can sit here at my computer and expose the truth. I want you to know what it takes to be free in these united states of America. After all, you, of all people,  have earned it.

You veterans joined a group to defend these untied states from enemies foreign. I know that many of you have suffered much in doing so. I now ask you to continue the effort. I know that you have done much and may be tired. But I ask that you join me in the fight against the enemy domestic. The enemy that has no respect for the rights of us common folk.

You are sovereigns. You are free. Do not be fooled into joining the lower class of people called citizens. That is just another way for the wealthy elitist to control the common folk. Together we can reclaim our sovereignty. The larger the group of free people in the fight, the safer we will all be. It is imperative for this to occur sooner than later in order to prevent and all out civil war. We can take back America. We have not lost any of our freedoms. We have been lied to and deceived. But you are still free and together we can spread the word and teach everyone of his freedom and how to defend it.

After all, you have not lost your freedom until upon learning what to do to defend it, you do nothing.

Defend Freedom™