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Welcome to aFreeCountry.com. Have you ever noticed that most sites that discuss freedom, political or government issues are written by people who seem to be only interested in informing you of just how intelligent the authors are? Either that or the information is so dry, it takes very few sentences into each article to make yor head so heavy your keyboard on your computer is at risk of destruction under the force of the weight of your head and shoulders slamming your forehead into it. Then when you post a question in the public forum you are belittled through the condescending attitude of the "oh so intelligent" people who published the site. Well, this site is for you. You see, we at aFreecountry.com realize that most of us were educated in the government run public school system, the primary goal of which is to make us so ignorant we do not know that our federal government, a corporation, does not have any legal authority over "we the people." We are sovereigns who are not obligated to abide by the dictates of government, because we are self governing.

Most of the united states of America are still the freest nations on the planet, but you can, through the deception of others, unknowingly but voluntarily relocate to the United States of America which is NOT a free nation, contrary to popular belief. Here you will learn about why most Americans are not required to pay an income tax, about the two United States, what the difference is between the united states of America and the United States of America. You will learn why our most dangerous enemies work for the "federal government", a corporation, and how the several states are working to aid this deception. You will also learn why the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has no legal force of authority within the states. Its all here. You just have to ask yourself, "Is my freedom worth doing something as simple as reading the information on this site?"

It all starts with knowledge. Freedom is not something that is given to you or protected by any government. It is something you have to work to maintain. Since the inception of the united states of America, power hungry politicians have been working to usurp the Constitutions of these united states. The further from its inception we move, the more blatant that usurpation. Why else do you think the government runs the public school system? Stalin succeeded with the failing communist system as long as he did, because the first thing he did after taking control in Russia was remove children from their homes and place them in government run boarding schools. That is exactly what has occurred in the united states of America. And it has worked. Just asked yourself, "Did I know that we are not one nation, but a union of 50 nations?" You should have. I should have. But did we?

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