Utah's Plan to Seize Back Federal Land

Lead by Representative Ken Ivory, Utah plans to seize control of it's own land. The federal government to date controls the land that is actuallly part of Utah. The federal government is not permitted to own land under the terms of treaties signed to obtain the land originally. When Utah became a state, the land transferred to the state, yet the federal government, a foreign entity in relation to Utah, took control of the land as "national parks".

The federal government, while it passes statutes such as those passed to take control of other nations land, does not have any such authority to take the land  within the territory of any of the member nations of these united states. Contrary to what the federal government and proponents of big government want us to believe, we are not "one nation under God". We are, in fact, 50 nations under God. We just happened to form a union to make international commerce between member nations more convenient and to have a common defense and a means of protecting the individual natural sovereignty of people.

While the federal governmen "hasn’t given any indication that it plans to cooperate", the federal government is required to cooperate under the terms of the regulation authority of the Constitution for the United States of America to cooperate. The territory is within the soverignty of Utah. Utah has the authority to protect it's teritory from any invading force. It would be no different if Colorado invaded Utah with the intention of expanding it's territory. The National Gaurd in Utah is under the command and control of the government of Utah and can be used to round up these federal agents should they resist.

Whenever the United States Postal Service expands in any of the member states, it requries an approval of the state's legislature before the USPS can take the land that it must purchase, because the states is ceding that much of it's territory to the federal government. Whenever a patron enters the post office, it is actually leaving the territory of the state and enters federal territory. This should make it clear to the reader that there is a difference in federal territory and state territory. 

So rahter than wait for the federal government to "negotiate" the state of Utah has the authority to move ahead with its plans to take back congtrol of the lands. According to an article in the Washington Times, Mr. Ivory stated, "state officials will proceed with a program of education, negotiation, legislation and litigation." Since, the state of Utah already owns the land, this seems as way of procrastinating what the state is already obligated to do for it's people, and that is defend its territory.