What Mistakes Did Rod Class Make

A friend of mine who is stating to appreciate common law ask me about someone name Rod Class and said he was arrested. I didn't know who he was, so I looked him up on the Internet and it didn't take but a couple of clicks to find a YoutTube interview with him.

So I started watching this interview and in under three minutes I observed the first of his mistakes.

Apparently he went to Washington DC with a so called "firearm". Now this guy does know a lot of statutes and definitions. He knew that according to statutes his pistol and rifle, not being cut off, were not firearms. He learn court procedure. The biggest problem he had was he referred to himself as a citizen. Many patriots get into trouble by doing exactly what we have been conditioned to do and that is called ourselves citizens. Free people are not citizens. Citizens are subject "to the jurisdiction thereof" as per the definition in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Mr. Class could not figure out why the court was ignoring case law and federal statutes according to this interview. The issue he had was he was proceeding in an equity court. An equity court is a court of chancery. An equity court is presided over by a chancellor. Chancellors get to make up law however they see fit. That is the reason that Kent Dawson said during the Irwin Schiff case when his defense attorney tried to present federal statutes and case law, "In my court, I am the law."

So it make no difference how well you know statutes if your are proceeding in an equity court. This is one of the ways the government keeps control of people. People who defy them will go to prison, unless you challenge jurisdiction in a court of record.

What it amounts to is know matter how well you think you know statutes and codes, the system is rigged against you using their system. What must be don is to always conduct your business in a court of record where the judge is not allowed to make a decision. Learn how to file a counterclaim in a court of record in the member forum.

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