How Private Business Makes Money from Owning Prisons

There are many ways the wealthy people make money off of taxpayers. They do it through the banks. They do it through the drug companies. They sucker people into paying income tax, even though they are not required to pay it. They also contract with the states to fill their privately owned prisons.

Like any business, to grow a business, you have to have more "customers" or get more "business" from the customers you have. The only way for prison owner to get more business is to get more prisoners. Naturally, the prisons are then paid by the states who contracted with them.

The primary way that the states drum up more business for their rich buddies is the drug war. In case you haven't noticed, mandatory sentences for drug use, possession and sales has gone up dramatically over the years to a point now that you are more likely to do 20 years for selling drugs than killing someone. You can kill someone in a fit of rage and be out in as little as seven years, but don't get caught with a kilo of cocaine. You will probably be doing 20 years.

Part of this is the way in which judges are controlled. I heard a story about a judge back in 1969 who defied the bankers by letting a man who was being sued for foreclosure keep his house and told the bank to take a hike. The homeowners reveal to the judge that the bank didn't actually loan him any money. He exposed the bank for its fraud by revealing that the money was created with his signature, which it is. The judge was dead about 6 months later.

Today when a homeowners files a counterclaim in a court of record, the judge is not allowed to make any decisions. It appears from some of the cases I have been involved with that they are relieved that they do not have to aid the bankers in carrying out their fraud, because they do not usually give much resistance when the sovereign homeowner dismisses his foreclosure case against himself and grants himself quit title to his land.

This isn't the case in drug cases. The judge will do everything to continue to trial even when he has been suspended from making any decision in the court of record and his order are vacated. The actually commit numerous criminal offenses to make sure the "drug offender" goes to prison. The reason for this is to continue funneling money from the taxpayers to the rich people who own the prisons. After all, who cares about a bunch of drug users. The problem is, not all people who get busted are regular drug users. Unless you call once about every six months or so regular. This occurred in a case recently in Texas. The judge committed treason. The judge should be hanged as a traitor. You Texans need to make sure it happens. We have been allowing criminal public servants to rebel against the people for far to long. This site explains how to make that happen.

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