Obama Tried and Sentenced to be Hanged for Treason

Hussein Barack Obama was sentenced to hang for multiple counts of treason following a presentment from the New York, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Utah grand juries, all accusing Obama of the same counts of treason.

After years of blatant and overt acts of treason, the grand juries finally stepped up and took action in spite of the concerted effort of other actors in government to protect him. Included in the charges were Valarie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Mohamed Elibiary, Nancy Pelosi, and André Carson, all of which were found guilty of working with known enemies of the United States of America. Those charged in the presentment included 12 other people who were complicit in the fraud to get a foreign agent installed into the highest and most powerful position in the free world including the Hawaii Secretary of State for presenting a forged birth certificate.

Here are some of the charges included in the presentment.

  1. Obama was foreign born in Kenya.
  2. Obama promoted Muslim Brotherhood agents to high, sensitive positions in the federal government to allow access to information the Muslim Brotherhood used for multiple terror attacks around the world including the United States.
  3. Obama released enemy combatants from Guantanamo Bay who went back into the field to continue attacks against the United States.
  4. Obama worked closely with Valarie Jarrett, a member of the Muslim Sisterhood.
  5. Obama actively and blatantly permitted thousands of enemy combatants to cross the border and interfered with people of Texas who were successfully stopping the criminal border crossings.
  6. Eric Holder and Obama openly attempted to cite a civil war through race baiting.
  7. Holder permitted thousands of guns to fall into the hands of enemy combatants.
  8. Holder, Hillary Clinton and Obama permitted a Muslim attack on an American outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

The evidence presented to the jury in the trial was reported so overwhelming that the jury of people, all of which qualified because they were not US citizens subject to government jurisdiction, deliberated for only one hour, before deciding their fate. Since common law grand juries have been reorganizing all across the United States, America has seen a flurry of politicians and government agents imprisoned for failing to uphold their oath of office and abusing their authority over the American people.

In recent months, there have been a total of 347 state senators and representatives removed from office. Of those, 124 have been imprisoned. 21 US Senators and 83 Congressmen have been removed from office causing a need for special elections around the Union to fill their positions. There have also been 138 judges imprisoned for failing to uphold there oaths and attempting to circumvent the authority of the court of record.

Obama's sentence included the removal of the title president, since it was determined that he obtained the title by fraudulent means. The five are to be hanged on the Capital Mall on Wednesday, July 22nd at hgh noon, making this the first public hanging in over 100 years.

The recent activity in common law grand juries has had a dramatic impact on government expenditure. The budget is down an average of 23% in the states while the federal budget is down 53%. The borders around the United States have been secured and criminal immigration has come to a virtual standstill since the people joined an organization called the American People's Peacekeepers and sealed the border. All legal immigration has ceased until such time as the criminal immigrants have been rounded up and deported. According to the Texas Chairman of the American People's Peacekeepers, over half of the criminal immigrants in Texas have already been deported, with the process being streamlined to take no more than two days to process. The chairman said, "Initially, we had some resistance from some of the Customs and Border Patrol agents who attempted to interfere with the free rights of the American people, but after the first round of agent arrests, we haven't seen any more resistance and the rest of the agents are now fulfilling their duties as expected."

Since the word got out that US citizens are people who are subject to government jurisdiction and people must volunteer to be a citizen, people have stopped claiming the title and the anchor baby policy of allowing criminal immigrants to give birth on American soil no longer is tolerated.

The retaking of the government came rather suddenly, when the people filling the positions of continental marshals, judges and grand juries grew to approximately 3% of the US population in less than one year. Once, the people organized and re-established the common law grand jury and continental marshal service, things moved rather quickly and charges brought in the courts of record against the politicians could not be appealed. Years have been shaved off of the time that death sentences are carried out, since statutes that were favored by government, no longer have any affect with the return of common law in every state.

It has also started the fastest economic boom in the history of the United States. Once the news became known all over America that people are not subject to pay income tax on the state or federal level, people saw dramatic increases in their spendable cash and went shopping. New construction is on the rise, large ticket item sales have skyrocketed and new car purchases have gone up 22% on the last year.

Thanks to people finally taking back control of their lives and their government, a civil war was evaded and American is once again seen as the beacon to the world.

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When is the Hangings ?

This is a bit tough to swallow.  I am in NY and I am not aware of any " dejure common law grand juries" .. NLA has usurped the grand jury system here . I am a Marshal and a former member of NLA . If they had any hand in this it is absolutely false as they operate in the WRONG JURISDICTION.. I have had conversation about this with Judge Anna and have had face to face conversation with " John Darash aka John Videurek who rules NLA with a " his way or the highway" approach.. Yes.. I took the " High Way " that is whay I am here.. Anyone who has any question about my facts please contact me directly . 845-987-0084 mobile ... Marshal Cote'

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
There is only one way,

Marshal Cote, there is only one way and that is the people way. It sound like the NLA is attempting to set up a dictatorship. That will not fly in our world. This article was written as a fantasy in the hopes of getting people activated to set up their grand juries. It was a wet dream.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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