To Vote or Not to Vote, That is the Question

For many years I have been an avid voter. I have been a firm believer in doing my patriotic duty to participate in determining the course of government in my state and nation. Then something started to change. I learned that state and nation were one and the same. I learned the United States refers most commonly to a corporation. And I learned that when I vote, elections, especially those utilizing electronic tabulation, are rigged. Lastly, I learned that the people for whom I vote are not in fact government representatives, but corporate officers. Maybe that would explain why the people for whom we vote commonly don't do what they promised to do when campaigning for my vote. Maybe they are fulfilling their duties to the corporation for whom they now work.

There has not been an legitimately seated government in the united states of America since somewhere around the mid 1940's. Since that time, every single member nation of the united states of America has incorporated just as the federal government did back in 1871 to conduct business in its legitimate territory, the 10 squares miles of Washington D.C. As such, there is no legitimate government to fulfill the obligations of our Consitutions. Let me explain this a bit more simply.

When you vote for a governor in your state (nation, country) you are voting for the corporation's chief executive officer or CEO. When you vote for the state treasurer, you are voting for the corporation's chief financial officer or CFO. When you vote for the secretary of state, you are voting for the corporation's chief operations officer of COO. When you vote for representatives to represent you in the state house and senate, you are voting for the board of directors. Now, there is a legitimate government already in place. We just have not held elections for that government to fill those seats since the mid 1940's. So why are you voting?

Some people argue that you want to aid in controling public policy. But the corporation has no legal jurisdiction over people (or human beings). Just read your state's constitution. You can find the evidence right there. You will read clauses about civil rights and citizens. Neither of which apply ro people. You see, people's rights are granted by God, not government. The reason that government started corporations to begin with was to do what the legitimate government was not allowed to do. In a corporation, the corporation can do whatever it so desires as long as it is legal. So who does the corporation have jurisdiction over?

The corporation has jurisdiction over its corporate officers. It also has jurisdiction over its employees while they are at work. It also has jurisdiction over anyone else who consents to it. Rememnber, the united states of America and each of the member states were established as constitutional republics. In our constitutional republic, common law was accepted as the form of law by which all were to abide with the one exception of Louisiana Republic. But in the case of the united states of America, there isn't even a legitimate government seated to legislate laws to begin with. 

The purpose of our consitutional republican form of government is to preserve the rights of every single individual. A democracy does not offer such protections. In a democracy, 51% of the voters can take away the rights of the 49% voting against. Of course, this percentage is worse when you consider the people who don't vote. Some people use that as the argument in favor of voting.

But once you learn that you are just voting for corporate officers who do not even have legal jurisdiction over people, for whom are you voting? If you learn how to stand against the fraud perpetrated by "government" then voting becomes a past time that just makes you have to get out of jury duty. Do really want to sit on a jury for a corporation that has no jurisdiction over the people being tried for a crime that is not a crime in our constitutional republic? You are aiding the enemy.

I will be withdrawing from the voter registration. I will no longer aid the enemy in perpetrating the fraud.