How Montana Can Stop the EPA and Save It's Coal Industry, A Letter To the Governor

Dear Governor Bullock,

It is very obvious that the federal government is attempting to bankrupt the state of Montana through it's regulation of the coal industry. The following will help you in stopping the federal government's attempt in doing so and make Montana one of the united states' most properous states in the union.

First, you must have a comprehension of what has happened in the united states of America. The federal government, followed by all of the states, established corporations to permit them to conduct business in a manner that they could not do under their constitutional contraints. The corporations formed by the states subjected them to federal authority that the states were not before then subject to. Many states did this to do what the fedeal government has done to deceive their people into believing the state had an authority it does not have so as to tax its peoples' incomes and provide other services to people in exchange for their rights. One of the means of doing this was convincing people that they are "citizens", a class of people who are subject to the government's statutes. They did this even though each state agreed to a republican form of government rather than a democratic form of government when they agreed to join the union.

The short answer to the predicament facing Montana is to return Montana to its republican form of government and disban the corporation. Once done, Montana would not have to abide by any federal regulation not permitted in the US Constitution. Since Montana has already agreed to a republican form of government when it joined the union, as governor you could do this with a simple executive order. This of course would eliminate the welfare system in your state, but there would be little need for it considering you would be able to producee all of the electricity Montana would need without instrusion from the federal government and the EPA. Since, the federal government is not the legitimate original jurisdiction government, it would not even have jusrisdiction over interstate markets, since it is a corporator and lost any sovereign authority it had up to the point of incorporation.

Montana is still one of the leading independent states in the union. If you have any questions regarding this method of curing the ills of Montana, feel free to respond to this email.