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M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from aFreeCountry.com.

To all my patriot friends,
May Jesus walk with you through the coming year and bring you joy the likes of which you have never known. May God's love rain down upon you and bring you peace and may the comforter bring you comfort. May all your ailments be cast out by the power and authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and may you prosper as it is written in scripture.
Know that I love all of you whether we agree or disagree. It is my wish that in all I do that I represent my Lord and King Jesus, the Christ and that I may find favor in His eyes as you also shall find favor in His eyes. In Jesus' name, be it so.

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How are these scammers above

How are these scammers above , possibly Russian or Chinese hackers able to post like above ?


That's just how easy government hacks our lives.


What's even worse is when landlords threaten to tow your car, how do you stop that?

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