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Member Announcment
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M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from aFreeCountry.com.

Hello fellow patriots.

Membership is slowly but surely growing at afreecountry.com. As it does we would like some feedback on issues you are having with the site, what things you think would improve the site and suggestions for improvements. 

Please, also inform me when you click on a link that results in any 404 document not found errors, especially when it occurs when clicking on a link on the site. We want to do all we can to correct broken links.

I would like to remind all registered users of afreecountry.com that there are two levels of forums at afreecountry.com. The first level is for registered users. It is accessible for all users who register with the site. The 2nd level is for dues paying members or contributing members. This forum is where you will want to go for an example of Right to Travel affidavits and document preparation for challenging government or court jurisdiction.  Understand that you do not necessarily have to get cited or arrested to have justiable reasons for challenging jurisdiction.  You can challenge jurisdiction to get a release from state jurisdiction prior to ceasing to get concealed carry permits, hunting licenses or building permits.  It is also the forum you want to access when you are planning to cease participating in the income tax fraud.

I welcome all of you the afreecountry.com and may God bless America. 

All veterans are considered contributing members at this site, so spread the word.


Defend Freedom