Liberalism is a Feminine Trait

There are two classes of people behind the liberal movement; the elitist who are puppet masters of the the 2nd class, the masses mostly feminine people who are insecure about their abilities to take care of themselves.

Acknowledging that many women are confident in themselves and capable of self reliance in a couple of ways; one is being employed in a manner in which the woman does not require another for self sustenance, and the other a choice to stay at home and care for her family or to supplement the family income with her own job. Women who are from one of these two categories tend to be conservatives. Conservatives tend to be more confident with their choices and do not depend on government force to assure their well being.

However, the women who make up these two categories of women, are less than the majority. Right or wrong, women were not initially permitted to vote in the United States of America, because the men felt that women by nature are nesters and think more emotionally than men do, in some regards. We of course, must acknowledge that women are responsible for civilization, since they are who keep men civil. Men tend to think more logically in some respects when considering the ramifications of an act. At least, that was the thought of the times. This evidence is bore out by the fact that more than half of women voters vote for Democrats who promise "safety nets" and time off with pay for choosing to bear children. They support ways to have government take care of their nests in spite of their own capabilities.

So considering that women have it built into their nature to secure the nests, what does that say about liberal men. Real men are confident in their capabilities and do not require an outside source to provide for them. They tend to do whatever is necessary to assure their families are provided for. Sometimes that means acknowledging that his wife's pay and training is better than his and do what is necessary to make sure she is able to follow her career, since it betters the family's overall position. But men who support liberalism are actually revealing a very feminine trait. These men do not see themselves as capable of caring for themselves, let alone their families without some coercive intrusion by government. They do this sometimes by joining unions who support candidates and lobbies to have government force employers to provide something for the employees, rather than just handling the relationship with their employers directly. They follow the same voting patterns as the women nesters who want to have the appearance of equality, but have government provide some kind of help in their sustenance.

Liberal men also tend to be younger and less mature than their counterparts. This is bore out by how they will resort to name calling and baiting rather than sticking to civil discourse during a debate of any kind. This will be seen in public forums where, once others have decided to leave the debate, they slap each other on the back with praise of having "won" when in fact those who left, just realized they were not capable of learning anything, so they moved on to another place where they might do more good.

Usually, these feminine traits will fade as men mature. In some instances they do not and the results is a middle aged man who acts like a young teenaged girl.

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Why are these men and women

Why are these men and women voting in the GOV-CORP....?

If the woman has a higher paying "job" is she Demanding Lawful Money per 12USC411 on her paychecks? Does she have private status and a W8BEN filed with HR?

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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