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Member Announcment

M. Randolph Hamilton has sent you a group email from aFreeCountry.com.

My Fellow Americans,

There are a number of things happening at aFreeCountry.com that should be of interest to all.

  1. The entire site is now secured with 2,048 bit encryption, so your browsing and communications are not open to prying eyes even the NSA's. Contrary to what the NSA would like us to believe, it cannot break this encryption. That is why it keeps pushing the federal government to pass a "law" requiring access to our keys. Of course, as anyone at aFreeContry.com has learned, those so called laws do not apply to people.
  2. We now have a template that can be used for challenging the jurisdiction of a court if you are summoned, cited, arrested ot whatever the reason may be. Courts are required to prove they have jurisdiction over people when so challenged. It is important that you handle the challenge yourself and not hire an attorney, since attorney's are officers of the equity court and since you hired an attorney have subjected yourself to the equity court. This is the same format that I recently used in a case in which I am involved. The template is available through the Member Forums. To obtain access to the member forum you may join by going to the dues page for details about how to join..
  3. We have added a thread in the open forum about Steps to Your Sovereign Capacity . We will be adding more steps over the next couple of weeks, but the very first one is an important one. We have included a template you can download to personalize. It is a Right to Travel Affidavit that you can use to put your state on notice that your right to travel is a natural right that cannot be infringed by the state. Some people have used this type of affidavit to rid themselves of having a driver's license and for registering their automobiles. It will have to be changed slightly for that purpose. Just let us know and we will help you with it.
  4. One of the most important things that we can do as Americans is volunteer to sit on a grand jury. Common law grand juries supersede any statutory grand jury. We explain the difference and why it is important to return this type of grand jury to every county or parish in the united states of America. You can establish one for your area and recruit others to participate in the group. All group communications through aFreeCountry.com are accessible only to group members A common law grand jury can remove elected officials from office and charge judges with treason.  Once you establish grand jury group for your area, you will be the group manager until such time as the group decides on another. Membership into this type of group on aFreeCountry.com requires manager approval. But if one has not been established for your area and you establish it, that makes you the manager.
  5. We have established a means of forming less formal groups at aFreeCountry.com as well. These groups can be set up with or without manager approval and require less information than does the grand jury type group. All you have to have to form this type of group is a regular user account. Visit the site for instructions on how to establish your own group.

We are very excited about the direction the aFreeCountry.com is taking and hope that all of you will spread the word to help others who might find themselves in what could be a bad situation that could result in the loss of freedom. It is best to be prepared in advance. It is like buying insurance. IIt is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. You just never know when something as innocent as driving home from dinner at a restaurant where you had a few drinks and get pulled over. What you know could mean the difference in going to jail, losing your license or going home with a settlement for your troubles.

A happy life and freedom to all.

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