Is a License Required to Open a Business?

After reading What is a License? the reader will have a better understanding of what is a license. since a license is essentially permission to use another property with whom one has a contract, that means when you get a license from a state or municipality, you are getting permission to use that state or municipalities property. So the first question one must ask himself is, "Who own the business that I am going to be running?"

If the answer to the above question is "me", then you now that you cannot be required to obtain a license to open said business. Do yo have a contract with the state? Does the state own the business that you are planning to open? Why then would you pay the state for permission to run said business?

Some will claim that you have a contract with the state when you obtained a drivers license and registered you vehicle with teh state. Technically, the state own that vehicle and can take it at any time it so chooses. Just get pulled over a cited for driving