Comprehending How the Government Controls People

People seem to be at a loss about what can be done to correct the wrongs of the corporations that we have been told run our government. You should be aware that a corporation has no more authority over you than Walmart or Home Depot. The united states of America formed a 2nd corporation in 1879 (thereabouts) to operate the business of the federal government. With the corporation it was able to do what any other corporation could do. It did not gain any authority over people in forming this new corporation.

After  this corporation was formed, it came up with its own Constitution. The original Constitution only had and still only has 13 amendments. The 13th amendment of the original constitution does not permit people with "titles of nobility" to run for public office. This was one of the goals of the corporation.  So the 14th amendment and after is only for the corporation's version of the US Constitution. So you know when an attorney is running for office, he is only running for office in a corporation.

The way that the "government" corporation takes control of people is to get their consent. When the corporation tells you to do something and you do not object, you just consented to its authority. This occurs even when you are arrested for something. To get you to consent, they bring you into arraignment. While in arraignment, the judge will say you have violated code such and such. How do you plead, guilty, not guilty or no contest. If you plea, you just accepted the corporation's jurisdiction over you when you should have objected to the jurisdiction.

So start learning how to counter the government intrusion into your private life. The absolute first thing you must do is comprehend the difference in citizens and people. Until you have that down pat, you will never be able to protect your rights. The absolute 2nd thing you must do is comprehend what it means to be a sovereign. It is these two issues that will determine whether or not you will succeed in protecting your rights and freedoms. If you do not grasp these two things, you will always find yourself losing against government.

Once you comprehend what it means to be a free people, you can then learn what to do with it. You can then learn how to operate under common law. The US constitution, both of them, guaranteed us the common law. Whenever the word "law" is used in the Constitution, it is referring to common law, because that was the predominant law of the time. The words only mean what they meant back then. You can then help to organize common law grand juries. There are very few common law grand juries around these united states. The common law grand jury does not operate in any of the three branches of government. It may meet in secret and may charge judges with treason and remove public officials from office, whether they be police or governors. If you are interested in participating in this important organization, check to see if there is one in your area. If there is not, be the first to start the group and recruit others to participate. If there is no group for your state, start the group for your state and then start the group for your county. This is the most powerful organization in these united states. It is the one organization made up of sovereigns. It is equal to the nobility in England. That is what gives this group its power, the sovereignty of the members of the group. No government has any higher authority than people in these united states. That is why they tricked us into calling ourselves citizens. That was to get us to volunteer to submit to the corporations jurisdiction. Even if the government had not formed these corporations, the government still would have to get us to submit to its jurisdiction. People are sovereign. Government is not.

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