The Truth About the Global Currency Reset

There has been a lot of speculation that currencies will have an exchange rate when the global currency reset occurs. I am not talking about the reset "great reset" being pushed by the central bankers. I am talking about the revaluation of worldwide currencies to the gold standard. Let's look at the Zimbabwe bond, for example. Unlike the other currencies, it is not a currency. Never has been. It is a bond. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of financial instruments knows the ONLY thing they can do with any bond, such as the Zimbabwe bond, knows that they can ONLY be paid in compliance with what the bond "promises" to pay. Just take a look at what the zim bond says right on its face. It says. "I promise to pay to the bearer one hundred trillion dollars for the reserve bank of Zimbabwe." So just by that one statement we get two items of information. The first is this is a bearer bond because it promises to pay the bearer. It never was currency. The 2nd is, it promises to pay one hundred trillion dollars. So that means if they pay anything other than one hundred trillion dollars, they have violated the terms of financial instruments.

Zimbabwe 100 trilion dollar bond.

So Zimbabwe has a currency it calls a dollar. The next argument for the nonbelievers is that the exchange rate between the zim dollar and the USN would be less than 1 to 1. This is also false. If Zimbabwe is reset to the gold/silver standard and the USN is the USA's reset to the gold/silver standard, then one would have to argue that gold and silver is worth less in Zimbabwe than it is the the USA. Gold is gold and silver is silver. When we reset to these two standards, that means gold and silver is the value not the currency. So we no longer say things like gold is worth X amount, because gold is the measure, not the currency being compared to gold. The more accurate way of expressing value is to say one USN is worth one ounce silver.

So as is indicated on the face of a one ounce silver coin, it is worth $1 in the USA. Since Zimbabwe is also resetting to this same standard, a one ounce silver coin in Zimbabwe will be their one dollar. That makes the Zimbabwe dollar the same value as the USN because both are valued according to a measure of silver or gold.

There will not be exchange rates other than 1 to 1. The ONLY reason we have varying exchange rates is because of the fiat money system. What makes one currency worth more or less than another is the trust or faith in the government standing behind that currency. Like Q has frequently stated, logical thinking. Those who can't believe that there is enough gold in the world to support this, are operating on the belief that they know how much gold there is in the world. Let me ask this question to anyone who reads this. If you had a huge stockpile of gold and you knew that governments have from time to time stolen other country's gold, would you publicly announce the size and whereabouts of your stockpile of gold? Why would anyone think for a moment that all gold stockpiles are known? After all, people think Bill Gates is the richest man on earth. Most of us know that his wealth is peanuts compared to those who created the central banking systems. Charlie Ward, who many people here pay attention to, has said himself how much gold he has seen in tunnels that go on for miles. That was his own eyes if he can be believed.

I would suggest that anyone who is hearing there will not be a 1:1 exchange should consider the information is disinformation to sucker people into giving up there currencies and bond for less so that some bankster can profit from his scheme. If we have not been able to trust bankster for the last few centuries, why should we start to trust them now. My plan when I go in and hear the rate is anything other than one to one, is to demand to see the current exchange rate for the USN and the Zimbabwe dollar on the computer screen where I can confirm it for myself. True they could still manipulate that number, but if they show it published someplace that is known to publish accurate rates, such as the Forex, then that is what I will go with. But do not just take someone's word for it.