Honest Cops Deserve Our Support

In light of the recent execution of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjen Liu we need to take a serious look at what racist politicians are doing to incite violence against police or any other people and what we people are not doing to protect them. We should acknowledge that, yes, a percentage of police officers are corrupt. But even if 20% of police officers are corrupt, that means that 80% are not corrupt and they deserve our support to help weed out those who are corrupt.

Some police officers do beat people who do not deserve to be beat. They spray pepper spray in the faces of detainees when the detainees do not have the ability to defend themselves. They strip female detainees and parade them through the jail naked to humiliate them even when the detainee was the victim who called the police. They steal from drug dealers. They shoot rubber bullets into crowds of peaceful protesters who are doing nothing more than practicing their God given right of free speech. They exceed their authority and pressure honest cops to do the same, even threatening the safety of honest cops if they "snitch" on them to keep the solid blue line from being crossed. They behave like gang members protecting their turf.

It is for these reasons that good officers need free people to do their duty and hold the corrupt officers accountable. From what I have read about the two officers who were executed, these were two of the good ones. They did not deserve what they got. They have families whose lives are changed forever. They have wives whose husbands have been stolen long before they should be gone. They have children who will grow up without their father, whose children will never know their grandfather any more than they can from photos and stories.

This angers me to my core. I am tired of depending on politicians to do something about corrupt and racist government servants. What are you willing to do about it? Why do so many people sit back and do nothing when people in these united states are sovereign above government? Why are so many people afraid to stand against government? Why are so many of you calling yourself patriots but doing nothing?

If you have been confused about what you can do, I am going to remove your confusion. We are guaranteed the common law in these untied states. Under common law the people hold government accountable through the actions of the grand jury. The grand juries that the government selects and controls are NOT common law grand juries. Common law grand juries are not under the control of government. The sole purpose of a common law grand jury is to hold government officials accountable for their actions. They can remove politicians who race bait and divide us from the offices they hold. They can try for treason any government official who fails to uphold his oath of office, including corrupt judges who attempt to circumvent people's rights through deception and trickery.

The common law grand jury can charge police who beat innocent people, with criminal offenses and imprison them. These police make the jobs of honest cops more dangerous. Honest cops deserve your help. After all, it is you who they protect. It is up to you to protect them.

Defend Freedom™