Possible Mass Arrest of Congressmen on January 6th, 2021

We will know tomorrow the plan, but what if the January 6th joint session of congress results in the arrest of many congressmen? Let consider a few things. Congressmen cannot be arrested when congress is in session except in cases of treason. President Trump will be presenting evidence of not only vote fraud during the January 6th, 2021 joint session of congress. So all of the senators and congressmen will be in the chamber with limited access to and from the chamber. President Trump has the evidence of government actors who have received payoffs from the Chinese Communist Party of CCP. So once this evidence is presented to the Congress, he could have those who were involved in the treason arrested.

But some people may be thinking that only those who had previously participated in the treason could be arrested. But there are others who could be arrest also depending on how they vote to certify the electors. Consider this. Let's say that there are some congressmen who have yet to date done any thing that could be considered treason against The United States of America. So let's assume that President Trump present confirmed, undeniable evidence of vote fraud with teh aid of foreign actors to alter the vote in the election. Then after that evidence is presented, some congressmen and senators still vote to certify Joe Biden to be president. This would then be an act of treason against The United States of America, because they are knowing aiding a foreign power to effect an outcome to an election in stark contrast to the will of the people. President Trump has been working hard at returning to the constraints afforded in The Constitution for the United States of America. It would be not only feasible for him to do this at tomorrows joint session of congress, it would be a great pleasure for those of us who have worked for so long to expose government corrupt.