Excellent Anti-Spam addon for websites

Some people may want to know what we at aFreeCountry.com use for spam protection. My choice for security and value is CleanTalk. CleanTalk has been the anti-spam addon of choice since 2016. It does an excellent job of protecting us from spammers. Just to give you and idea of how well this addon works, after the first year of using it, I negated to pay for the 2nd year and it expired. I started getting hundreds of spam signups every day. It took me days to clean them all and I still have not gotten all of them. If you want an anti spam addon for you Drupal site, like this one, you can't go wrong with CleanTalk.

I also use it for a church site I recently published which is run on WordPress. Installation on WordPress could not be easier. I just went to teh Plugins page, did a search for CleanTalk, clicked the install button, then the activate button. I then went to setting and pasted the CleanTalk access key code where it belong. Now we are protected from spammer, which you all know could be not so good on a church site.

Too bad we couldn't CleanTalk

Too bad we couldn't CleanTalk the violent rioters, the Marxist punks destroying our country. 


www.Antifa.News or www.Trump.News

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