Courage Under Fire - or Maybe Not Under Fire

Courage is something that not many people possess, but I think more possess than they might think. People who have courage are not people who are not afraid. Courage is doing something in spite of your fear.

Recently, courage was what was displayed by Christine Weick, a 50-year-old Michigan woman, who knew that she had to do something when she learned that the National Cathedral was going to invaded by the satanic Islam religion. A religion that has pretty much been proven to be the religion of Satan was going to enter into the house of Jesus Christ and desecrated by their prayers to Satan. In spite of this she found the courage to take a stand against this desecration.

According to an article publish at she said, “I was so nervous; you’ll never know how scared I was,”. This women was terrified at what might happen to her. She was in what is arguably the most guarded cathedral in these united states. It certainly was the most guarded on the day the Muslim were allowed to invade to desecrate it. Yet in spite of her fear, she took action.

Christine Weick should be a model to all Americans. Many of us will learn that we are not subject to government rule and yet do nothing. We might learn that we are not required to pay income tax, and yet do nothing even when the same tax code used by the IRS says it is not law. We will learn how to challenge jurisdiction, yet do nothing. We will learn how to participate in a common law grand jury to hold government accountable, yet do nothing.

We will do nothing, not because we do not believe what we read. Not because the evidence is not convincing, but because we fear reprisal from government. This is when we have to show courage and stand up for what is right. Christine Weick did not have any support, moral of otherwise, when she stood up alone in that cathedral to proclaim her Christian beliefs to the world in front of members of a religion that hate anyone who does not believe as they do and kill them whenever they can. She did this in front of cameras broadcasting to the world.

Just imagine what Americans could accomplish if we did as Christine did. If everyone who read this article stopped paying any taxes they were not lawfully required to pay. If they challenge government jurisdiction any time government exceeded its jurisdiction. If we participated in common law grand juries and imprisoned treasonous politicians and judges and removed from office those who did not do as we the people demanded. It would take but a very short time before we the people no longer feared that government.

You have not lost your liberty until upon learning what to do to protect it, you do nothing.

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