Should childless Americans pay more taxes?

One of the problems we have faced in the united states of America is the main stream media and schools teaching that we are a democracy rather than a republic. The US Constitution was established to protect Americans from intrusive government and unfair treatment for varying classes of people. It set it concrete the equal treatment of all Americans by our government.

The dissemination of the notion that we can simply vote to take away the rights of others, because it benefits us is deeply embedded now in American society. I recently viewed a video segment on FoxNews on my android Samsung Note 2 in which the hostess interviewed two opposing views of an article published on regarding the suggestion that childless people pay higher taxes than parents.  Much of the argument presented by the author, Reihan Salam, turns on the fact that it is not fair to parents due to the amount of work and cost of raising children. The problem with this notion is people who choose to bear children are responsible for those children. As Thomas Jefferson once stated, "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, wherein 51% of the people can take away the rights of the other 49."

American society nutures irresponsiblity, like that pushed by Zerlina Maxwell in the FoxNews video mentioned above. Miss Maxwell expresses the belief that we need to be "doing enough" for parents. Parents should be responsible enough to not have to have society "do enough" for them. It is because of this notion that we should have society, through the force of government, do for anyone that we have so many people condoning the taking of our rights as protected in the US Constitution. It is also what has lead to the federal government allowing a private bank to interfere with the innerworkings of the federal government. Zerlina Maxwell states in the interview that she thinks we "need to live up to the idea that America is a place that supports families and children." So it would appear that Zerlina Maxwell believes that if we childless adults to not believe that we should be forced by government to contribute to the irresponsible birthing of children by parents who lack the education to properly support those children, we must not support families and children. I fully support children and am an advocate for returning society to a time when the government did not interfere with families and children as much as it does now. In a free society, people are held accountable for the decisions they make. They do not get to birth children for which they cannot properly provide care.

When adults know that they will not have government handouts stolen from others to finance the support of the children they cannot afford to care for, they might be less likely to breed and birth children in low educated, less financially capable households. Under the current welfare system, people commonly use children as a means to get a check from government. Children are born to families, in many cases, not because the parents wanted children to nurture, but because they wanted a steady paycheck without having to work to get it. It has resulted in many children born into families that should not have been rearing children, children who figure out before they reach adulthood they were only kept around for the check. No, I cannot say that these parents do not grow to love their children. But wouldn't those children feel more loved knowing they weren't there just for the paycheck? It has also created the crisis of more children being born to uneducated families taking more from the public coffers. This is leading to the day when there are more people drawing from welfare programs that those paying into them.

But for those of you who know which united states in which you live and have learned that you are not legally obligated to pay an income tax anyway, this whole debate is a moot issue, since you not only need the child credits, you won't being paying the income tax. But then, that would also make you one of the educaed Americans who would not need the child credit from the government, even if you were legally obligated to pay the income tax.