[Member Announcment] Proof Title 26 is not law

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For those of your who are still not convinced that Americans are not required to pay or file income tax returns, read the newest article just posted to aFreeCountry.com that explains about Title 26 staitng that Title 26 is not law. What more proof could you possibly need.

Title 26 Is NOT Law

For those of you who are still not convinced that Americans are not required to pay income tax just look at the tax code itself. According to United States Code Title 26, Section 7806, Title 26 is not law. You may follow the link to read it or you may download the PDF directly from the US Government Printing Office website.

[Member Announcment] Information About Member Dues for Certain Forums

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Hello Freedom Fighters,
This is just a quick notification to let you know that aFreeCountry.com has changed it polciy regarding the member dues for certain help forums. The rest of the forums will remain open to all user as usual. For mor details visit dues.
M. Randolph Hamilton

To Vote or Not to Vote, That is the Question

For many years I have been an avid voter. I have been a firm believer in doing my patriotic duty to participate in determining the course of government in my state and nation. Then something started to change. I learned that state and nation were one and the same. I learned the United States refers most commonly to a corporation. And I learned that when I vote, elections, especially those utilizing electronic tabulation, are rigged. Lastly, I learned that the people for whom I vote are not in fact government representatives, but corporate officers.

No Government in the US has Jurisdiction Over People

Not too long ago I read a case about a man who challenged the city within which he lived, claiming that the town and therefore the government did not have jurisdiction, because it was a corporation. One of the cases cited in his defense was Bank of United States v. Planters' Bank of Georgia, 22 U.S. 9 Wheat. 904 904 (1824) in which was opined,

Am I a Taxpayer?

One of the things that most people are confused about and the one thing that gets them into the most trouble with the IRS is not knowing whether or not they are a taxpayer under the law. When the IRS pulls someone into court, the DoJ representative will repeatedly refer to said person as a "taxpayer".  What you as a "people" of the united states of America need to know is you are not a taxpayer under the law.

Is a License Required to Open a Business?

After reading What is a License? the reader will have a better understanding of what is a license. since a license is essentially permission to use another property with whom one has a contract, that means when you get a license from a state or municipality, you are getting permission to use that state or municipalities property. So the first question one must ask himself is, "Who own the business that I am going to be running?"

How Montana Can Stop the EPA and Save It's Coal Industry, A Letter To the Governor

Dear Governor Bullock,

It is very obvious that the federal government is attempting to bankrupt the state of Montana through it's regulation of the coal industry. The following will help you in stopping the federal government's attempt in doing so and make Montana one of the united states' most properous states in the union.


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