Liberalism and Freedom Cannot Coexist

We commonly hear liberals, especially young liberals claiming that conservatives are taking away their freedom. They say that conservatives are taking away their freedom of speech, freedom of "choice", freedom of whatever they are claiming. While it is true that some freedoms are lost to conservatives for those who consent to government jurisdiction, the biggest danger to a free society is liberalism.

The liberal movement is one in which society requires "equalization" by taking away the proceeds of one to give to another. It requires punishing those who criticize the liberal agenda and quash the activities of those who would expose the liberal agenda as one in which people lose their freedoms to the government that has to force its will on others. Liberals believe they are doing good against the big corporations, when in fact, they mostly hurt small businesses who cannot afford the government regulation piled against business. What they foolishly fail to grasp is that by regulating business, they are working with large corporation to shut down their smaller competitors. So the very corporations the liberals were working to hurt are aided by this simplistic approach to government control.

So we can see is that the liberal way of life is one of government coercion. Liberals want to control how we think, (they have taken control of education), how much we can earn, (they redistribute the earnings of those who work to those who do not), what kind of car we can drive, how much property we can own, etc.

In these untied states, people are sovereigns, at least those us who have not consented to the jurisdiction of government by self labeling ourselves "citizens". As such, the government coercion that liberals so depend on has no affect on free people. By definition, freemen are not subjects. They cannot be forced to do what any other demands of him or her. So sovereignty can actually benefit liberals as well as conservatives. Liberals could then do all of the drugs they so desire, abort all the babies they want to kill and married whatever they want, so long as it is of lawful age of consent.

But these violations are less important to liberals than having someone else take care of them. They need to have the security of a higher minimum wage, or secure retirement, any other kind of welfare handout more than they just need to do their other activities they consider a freedom. As such, they will tolerate intrusions into their personal lives so long as they can have the security afforded them for their financial lives.

Many conservatives on the other hand have recognized that allowing government to intrude in our personal lives is not worth the intrusion in other areas. Conservatives can live as free people, because it eliminates government intrusion in regards to their children's education, their earnings potential, their right of of self protection. By accepting that others have the right to do anything they so desire, conservatives open the door of self governance in their own lives.

Naturally their are more categories of people than conservatives and liberals that the Republican/Democrat controlled system refuses to admit might think in any manner other than theirs, but that is for another discussion.

Defend Freedom™