Why Christians Should Not Pay Income Tax

Many Christians living in the united states of America believe in following the law. But is it more important to follow man's law than Christ's law? Most Christians will agree that following Christ's law is more important. After all, that is what makes Christians Christian. This become even more important when we learn that the law of man that we are following does not apply to human beings

Religion, Christianity and Libertarianism

by M. Randolph Hamilton

March 9th, 2005

People of faith in God believe certain acts are sins. Some of these people think their beliefs should be carried out through force of government.

How many of you have heard about, seen in the news or participated in a protest that took place outside an abortion clinic. During these protests, it is not uncommon for those protesting to shout hateful comments at those entering and leaving the clinic. They will shout things like, "You're going to burn in hell, murderer." These are people who claim to be Christians.

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