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Remembering Our Dead Military Who Died for Freedom We Don't Have

I wept today thinking about the military people who have died fighting for what they were told was or country. If one considers the United States corporation as a country, and according to the US Supreme Court, it is one of two here in North America, then they did actually die for their country. But if they were told they were "fighting for our freedom", then everyone who remembers them today should know, they were lied to. There is nothing that Iraq can do that would affect our freedom. There is nothing that Afganistan can do that would affect our freedom.

How to Setup Email Encryption in Thunderbird

Our email client of choice at aFreeCountry.com is Thunderbird by Mozilla. It is a very good email client that is extremely configurable, easy to use and most importantly, it's free.  Of course, for many the most important attirbute to a softwate program for checking email is security and privacy, especially since Edward Snowden exposed the federal government's intrusion into Americans privacy through the NSA.

The Clive Bundy Fiasco

by M. Randolph Hamilton

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and asked her what she thought about the issue with the federal government invading the Nevada state in an attempt to steal cattle from Clive Bundy. We both agreed that the federal government was outside it's jurisdiction, but she did not feel that Clive Bundy had the right to graze his cattle on public lands comparing it to someone grazing his cattle on my land or some other neighbor's land.

Should childless Americans pay more taxes?

One of the problems we have faced in the united states of America is the main stream media and schools teaching that we are a democracy rather than a republic. The US Constitution was established to protect Americans from intrusive government and unfair treatment for varying classes of people. It set it concrete the equal treatment of all Americans by our government.

Consensual Sex and Prostitution

As a healthy red blooded American male, I can walk into any bar in the country, meet a woman and, if she consents, go home to have sex with her. As a red blooded American male, I can go into any bar in this country and give money to a woman. But if I do those two things in close proximity in time to each other I have broken the law in 49 of the 50 United States. How stupid is that??!!


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