Consensual Sex and Prostitution

As a healthy red blooded American male, I can walk into any bar in the country, meet a woman and, if she consents, go home to have sex with her. As a red blooded American male, I can go into any bar in this country and give money to a woman. But if I do those two things in close proximity in time to each other I have broken the law in 49 of the 50 United States. How stupid is that??!!

This is one of those areas that can most definitely be considered a Republican issue. The Republican Party, the party of individual freedom and individual responsibility, has decided we do not have the freedom to decide for ourselves who we as consenting adults can have sex with. Even God has given us the freedom to decide for ourselves to sin or not to sin. People who push laws like this have obviously put themselves above God.

The Arguments against prostitution.

Opponents to prostitution do not really care about the infringement of a freedom for one to decide for himself who he will or will not have sex with. They argue that it is immoral to do such things, although, as was pointed out in the first paragraph, each of the two sides of prostitution can be legally performed separately. They argue that society would degrade and street walkers would increase in number further exposing our children to an activity that many parents consider immoral. They claim that the legalization of prostitution would be the same as condoning that behavior even though it merely supports the idea of minding ones own business and giving others freedom. Does that mean that if they had their way, they would not permit any activity that they considered to be immoral? After all, some consider dancing, smoking, holding hands and women not having their faces covered with a veil to be immoral. Just where do we draw the line?

These arguments come from the same sources that claim that the government now has too much power in protecting us. They call the federal government big brother and other such things that indicate that they do not approve of government intrusion.

The fact is, morality is a personal issue that should be taught by ministers, reverends relatives and, your going to like this one, parents.

Forced morality does not work. People cannot be forced into salvation. That is a very personal choice that must be made by the individual. People who are truly good are so, because someone showed them how to be this way by loving kindness and understanding.

There are those who claim that prostitution objectifies women. Well, it may, but shouldn't the woman who is being objectified be permitted to decide for herself whether or not she likes that? Basically, some people living in our society have a certain way that they want to live and take it upon themselves to force as many other people to live in that manner as they can.

The Argument for...

Presently people who wish to pursue a career or temporary job in the business of sex trade, have to stand in the cold or be sent to strange places to meet with prospective clients. Many are abused by pimps who keep them in servitude. The workers do not have medical, dental or any other kind of health care. And they are put at risk just going to work. They risk contraction of disease, robbery, rape and even murder. They take up much of our legal resources so that we may criminalize them for hurting nobody. This is definitely a victimless crimes.

The legalization of prostitution would make hard working, tax paying property owners out of prostitutes. They would have medical and dental benefits, at least until Obamacare cut workers hours to less than 30 hours per week. They would be off of the streets so that our children did not have to be exposed to them. The criminal element would be gone and corporations would take over the business of sex for hire. The prostitutes would have a safe work environment and not be subject to rape, robbery and sometimes death.

Now some who claim to be christian would say that it is not a bad thing for a prostitute to be treated so. It is always wrong when someone is victimized. Besides, some of the best parents in the world have had their child take up the profession.

What can I do?

Listen to what the politicians are offering to do for you. If you support freedom, you should be supporting candidates for office who are offering to repeal laws or return personal freedoms. Most candidates are running for office to force someone to do or to stop doing something. The only candidates who should get your support are those who are running for office to stop forcing others to behave in a certain manner.

One does have to be careful. Politicians like to cloak these forced acts in pretty words like "protecting our seniors and children" or "giving equal access to all".

Until people cross the line and victimize someone, their acts should not be considered crimes.

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Even when Jesus said to Mary Magdaline "You are forgiven. Now go and sin no more.", it was still her choice to do so.

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