Remembering Our Dead Military Who Died for Freedom We Don't Have

I wept today thinking about the military people who have died fighting for what they were told was or country. If one considers the United States corporation as a country, and according to the US Supreme Court, it is one of two here in North America, then they did actually die for their country. But if they were told they were "fighting for our freedom", then everyone who remembers them today should know, they were lied to. There is nothing that Iraq can do that would affect our freedom. There is nothing that Afganistan can do that would affect our freedom. As a matter of fact, there is nothig that any other country in the world can do that would affect our freedom over there in their countries. We send our military to other parts of the world to "defend our freedom", when the biggest enemies to out freedom are living and working in the united states of Amercia posing as American representatives.

We do still have a free union of countries, but since the government, which is run by wealthy elitists took over our schools, most people do not know of this freedom. They are told by talking heads on TV and politicians that we are defending the freedoms that "we all know and love". By the way. Have you heard this one. How can you tell when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

The pages of this site will divulge many of the lies and explain what each of you have to do to live a free life. In the United States Corporate version of America there is no such thing as freedom. Let us see just how free we are. But before we do, let's remember that in the united states of America, we are all as kings. That means there is no law the government can pass that has any force of authority on "we the people". But now, review the following list of things that are required in this so call free country that lies wihtin the federal government's territory.

  • Pay the government for permission to license your vehicle.
  • Pay the government for permission to drive your vehicle.
  • Pay the government to license your business.
  • Get permission to erect a building on your property after paying the government.
  • Pay the government for permission to get married.
  • Pay the government for permission to carry a concealed weapon.
  • Pay the government part of your pay.
  • Show the government your records when told to do so.
  • Pay the government for permission to own land, annually.
  • Register for "selective service" for just in case we need you in war.
  • Get searched without consent or probable cause.
  • Pay the government part of the proceeds of selling a house.
  • Pay the government part of your inheritance.

This is but a small list of the freedoms you have under federal territory. What you may not know is the limits of federal territory and to whom the list actually applies. So in rememberance of our fallen heroes, take the time to learn just how you have been lied to by your government. Learn just what your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends and neighbors have given their lives to defend. Then spread the word to everyone you know to get involved.

Some of the many things you will learn on this site are how your senators and congressmen are lying to you. You will learn just how to stop paying income tax and stop any attempt by the IRS to impose their fear tactics on you. You will learn how you can even get rid of your drivers license, and car license plates if you choose to do so. You will learn just what a drivers license is. As a matter of fact, you will learn how to stop doing everything on the above list and more.

We still do have a free country. You just have to learn where that is.