The United States Invades Nevada

As the Clive Bundy issue escalates in Nevada between the federal government and Clive Bundy I have yet to hear anyone take the Nevada government to task. Contrary to popular belief amongst the American populace, the united states of America is not one nation, but a union of 50 nations that have ceded specific authority to a central government as iterated in the US Constitution. This can be easily evidenced by the fact that the extradition procedure for extraditing an accused criminal from the state of Kentucky to the state of Nevada, for example, is exactly the same as extraditing an accused criminal from the state of Washington to the state of Italy. Each of these states, or countries, operates with its own constitution.

The ire is most states do not defend their sovereign territories, because they do not want to loose those federal money bribes sent to them by the federal government.

In the case of Clive Bundy, the federal government obtained an order of a federal court, but the court did not have jurisdiction within the sovereign state of Nevada. Not having read the transcript, I doubt that Bundy's lawyer challenged the courts jurisdiction in the case. If jurisdiction is not challenged, the court presumes it has said jurisdiction. There are a multitude of cases that uphold this stance.

The state of Nevada can put a stop to this fiasco at any time by simply ordering the federal government to withdraw from its territory. Obviously, the governor of the state of Nevada is a coward as are the government officials of the county in question. This might, however, be because those local government agencies have taken on the same corporate structure as the federal government. As a corporation, the government has no more authority than any other corporation over you and your land rights or any other rights.

The reason that federal agents will recruit aide from local authorities is to get around this jurisdictional restraint. Since local law enforcement has jurisdiction, they can be suckered into aiding the federal agents who do not. But then, it appears that even local law enforcement does not have jurisdiction either, because of the corporate structure by which they are set up.