continental marshals

Continental united States of America Marshals Created

For immediate release 05/27/2017

The American Peoples’ National Assembly Creates the Continental united States of America Marshals


In a popular vote of the peoples’ national assembly, the Continental united States of America Marshals were created to serve the America people outside the normal government corporations’ purview. After an in-depth discussion of the flaws in the current system of law enforcement, the national assembly came to the following conclusions.

Identifying the Enemy Within

It is no secret to anyone who has read the book Rulers of Evil how the Vatican works to inject their agents into all levels of government. It has become very apparent that this has occurred with the continental marshals, superior court justices and maybe even the grand juries. The tactic is done to control the conversation within the group. The agents will use language of which 80 to 90% will be agreeable to all in the group. However, it is the 10 to 20% that is the most important that we must be aware of.

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